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Bookzz Alternatives | 10 Best Sites Like Bookzz

Great thoughts make great lives. Reading is a powerful habit which can bring about positive changes in all aspects of your life. If you are an Avid reader then you have definitely come to the right place. The Rapid pace of today’s world has made it difficult to go physically to the bookstore and get the books you need.

And therefore, ebooks have emerged as a popular alternative. Bookzz was a popular website which had millions of free ebooks in its database. Unfortunately, due to piracy reasons, the website had to shut down and many users are still looking for the best Bookzz alternatives.

In this article, we will be giving you a list of 10 sites like Bookzz which can serve as reasonable alternatives to Bookzz.

Top 10 Bookzz Alternatives

1. Gutenberg

gutenberg ebooks

Gutenberg has a huge source of ebooks available at free of cost. The books are assembled with the help of thousands of volunteers around the world. With broad categories of various subjects, the latest uploaded books can be found on the top of the homepage itself.

Website URL:

Features of Gutenberg:

  • There is no need to register or login to access their services. Moreover, users are also provided with a read online option.
  • The user interface is excellent.
  • The book collection is huge with over 58,000 ebooks available.
  • You can get old books whose copyright has expired here.
  • No special app is required for reading any sort of books via Gutenberg.

2. Bookboon

If you need to download books and textbooks from a website which has support for multiple languages then Bookboon is the website for you. You will feel like surfing Amazon while buying something when you land on Bookboon. More than 50m books were downloaded in 2015 alone from Bookboon.

Website URL:

Features of Bookboon:

  • It has a 30-day free trial after which they charge you 4 dollars per month.
  • They have more than 800 books in their library with new books being constantly added every week.
  • You can filter out the kind of books you need.
  • You can choose the website language among English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Swedish etc.
  • Ebooks of Economics, Engineering, IT, Marketing, Management, Communication, Software etc. are categorized in a helpful manner.

3. Open Library

bookzz alternatives

As the name suggests, it is an open virtual library. Open Library is quite similar to Wikipedia in the way that it is an open editable catalog. There are no fees associated with joining this website as well. This should certainly be in this list of sites like Bookzz. Religion, Music, Medicine, History, Plays and more can be surfed via Open Library.

Website URL:

Features of Open Library:

  1. A selection of more than one million books is available.
  2. You can search for books using the Author Name, and subject type.
  3. Registration is free.
  4. You can also contribute to the site by creating webpages.
  5. It contains a vast catalog of old books for any subject whose hard copies are not available.

4. Google Play Books

google play books

This is an Ebook distribution service owned and operated by Google. Google Play Books has both free books and books available upon payment. As it is a service officially provided by Google, there won’t be any doubt to think about. The list for sites like Eboozz can’t miss Google Play Books for sure.

App URL:

Features of Google Play Books:

  1. You can download Ebooks in different formats as per need.
  2. User reviews and ratings help to make a good choice regarding the selection of Ebooks.
  3. Books are available in different genres like business, traveling, romance, fiction, literature etc.
  4. Book collection is tremendous.
  5. Availability of user-friendly app to read books within any device you own.

5. Library Genesis

A Russian based Website which offers a huge collection of Free ebooks to download. The books can also be downloaded as well. This is another one of the best Bookzz alternatives which you are gonna feel for sure. It is also known as the search engine of ebooks and articles.

Website URL:

Features of Library Genesis:

  1. A collection of close to 3 million books covering both Fiction and Non-Fiction books.
  2. The website also provided free access to Scientific articles, magazines, and other works.
  3. Searching for ebooks is very easy.
  4. The books can be downloaded free of cost.
  5. Mirror links are also available in case of downtime.


Just as the name hints, free-ebooks offers a huge library of classic ebooks to read from. There are lots of audio-books which you can get from here. Best books are listed with a separate category. This can be your choice if you are looking for Bookzz alternatives.

Features of Free-eBooks:

Website URL:
  1. Thousands of free-ebooks available.
  2. Covers different genres like Sci-Fi, Romance, Business, Self-Help and much more.
  3. There is a download limit on the number of books you can download from this site.
  4. The website has a really good interface to surf.
  5. Premium catalog has a feature of the affiliate as well.

7. BookSC

ebookz alternatives

BookSC has a huge collection of scientific articles and specializes in storing such information. If you are looking for information related to research work or technical skills then BookSC has got you covered. This is really a great Ebookzz alternative when it comes to books and articles.

Website URL:

Features of BookSC:

  1. The best website for those who interested in Science and Technology.
  2. Over 50 million articles which can be helpful for research.
  3. Research papers are also available for download.
  4. Instead of listing books on the homepage, it has a supportive mega search bar.
  5. You can also search category-wise if you’re not sure what to read.

8. ebook3000

sites like bookzz

Ebook 3000, established in 2007 has quickly gone on to become a giant in the ebook distribution platform. Ebook3000 even has adult ebooks for the needy.

Website URL:

Features of ebook3000:

  1. New ebooks are constantly added and the developers work hard to ensure that the site is up to date.
  2. It also provided ebooks like Playboy, Purely Legal, and Purple Candy which are hard to find elsewhere.
  3. It has an option of searching any book by ISBN number directly.
  4. Downloading any book is quite easy compared to other Ebookz alternatives.
  5. This ebook portal has a simple but effective user interface.

9. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a newcomer in this field yet it is going strong with regards to the content it offers. The site has got everything from text files, webpages, and ebooks. Everything once available on the internet can be found on Internet Archive. This will be your permanent choice among a variety of Bookzz alternatives if Bookzz was the only choice of yours earlier.

Website URL:

Features of Internet Archive:

  1. You can choose among 50 million ebooks to download from.
  2. 12 Million Text Files to search from.
  3. Millions of web pages available.
  4. It incorporates almost 500 billion webpages to search for.
  5. No sign in required for occasional visits.

10. FreeBookSpot

This website has books relating to every available topic. FreeBookSpot has over 96 different categories to choose from and all the books available are free. You may see ads as its completely free platform. Sites like Bookzz should definitely accommodate FreBookSpot.

Website URL:

Features of FreeBookSpot:

  1. You can find almost anything under the sun here.
  2. A Good search mechanism.
  3. You can also get the latest books from here.
  4. Average 500 books a day are being uploaded here.
  5. One can search any book by its title, author or even with ISBN.


Bookzz was a great website and was a heaven for all the online readers. Unfortunate circumstances have led to it’s closing. There are good bookzz alternatives available which are enlisted in this article, we have given you 10 of them. If you know any better source, let us know.

Article written by Kumar

Hey, folks out there! This is Kumar, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a technology geek from Gujarat, India. He is a bachelor in Engineering that helped him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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