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What is CRM? A System to Improve Business Relationship

As time passes every businessman faces with quite a serious problem – keeping track of all the business aspects like prospects for the future development, customers tracking and bringing the order to random notes made at the numerous meetings, sessions, and conferences become a total challenge, not for faint-hearted ones.

Keeping an eye over all the current changes of projects a businessman is responsible for becomes almost impossible and time-consuming process as things already started to get confused. This is the exact proper time to learn how to use customer relationship management aka CRM systems to get rid of the tensions.

What is Customer Relationship Management – CRM?

customer relationship management

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. These systems are dedicated to storing every possible interaction with their existing and potential clients. The system notes everything, all data like who and when was looking through your website and what he was looking for. Time of the access and the exact time of looking at the website’s proposals.

Key Benefits of Using a CRM System

1. Knowledgeability – you will be aware of the performance of your trade activity, the success and velocity of all the deals and your staff as well. Taking Into account this information will help to elaborate on the best personal business strategy.

2. Customer Experienceknowing your customer’s wishes, feelings, and feedbacks, as well as all the data sources they have visited when trying to find something important for them plays a great deal when trying to improve the quality of goods or services at the market. Such a wise approach illuminates the company’s best location, size and so on. This data will give your business a significant push straightforward from the very beginning.

3. Teamwork & Collaborationin case of doubting about reasons to use a CRM inside your company by your personnel, remember – sharing and learning from one another of only the best practices is the most reasonable strategy for preparing your collective to be ready perform any functional activity in your team when needed.

4. Increased productivity use of customer relationship management systems automates seriously huge amount of work starting from calls, activity logging, creating reports and so on. The less time your personnel spends for repetitive and time-consuming work the more time a team will be able to spend on really important things.

Important Features to Look for in CRM

  1. Application Programming Interface is also known as API provides the functionality of entering the information once but for multiple systems used at the same time.
  2. Multiple Contact Information helps to organize and access any kind of information by a person’s name or company’s name as well as track all kinds of interactions.
  3. Dashboards, which are responsible for a summary view of the current sales opportunities across the customer base of the company.
  4. Delegation feature for task delegations among employees of the company.

How to Use a CRM

To realize what customer relationship management is capable to help in your particular case and how to use it is not a mission impossible. Be its CRM system for real estate company, e-commerce project, some insurance services, or hospitality it doesn’t matter as CRM now exist for almost all customer-oriented spheres.

Best Gmail CRM Nethunt, for example, brings significant integration within Gmail and others Google apps and hence covers lots of advantages giving it all to a wide variety of customers interested how to use CRM effectively, use data filters and views awesomely easy.

Why NetHunt CRM?

The NetHunt team tried to create the widest possible functionality to their newborn CRM software. They covered everything from basic for CRM business entity management to email campaigns conducting and customers actions tracking.

All this can be customized for different business strategies – this makes NetHunt the universal CRM software suitable both for small companies and for large well-organized enterprises. The distinctive feature of NetHunt business approach is the affordable price when comparing them to older analog CRM services.

Paying twice less than demands any other company the user receives the full package of functionality not scattered on different tariff plans. According to the company’s team, NetHunt plans the expansion and is now focused on the future improvement of its products according to the previously gained experience from its first customers who for the first time tested NetHunt CRM software.

The developers are planning to add the functionality they need, to strengthen integration with the Google Apps. Currently, NetHunt has only the iOS application available. However, the Android version of NetHunt CRM will also be released soon.

People who still wonder if single customer relation management program is capable to change everything so fundamentally or just curious why do they have to use CRM systems if they are capable to handle everything on their own just have to try by themselves this ultimate solution for database organization and information structuralization. You will be surprised by the fact that data management may flow easily and bring some joy.

Article written by Kumar

Hey, folks out there! This is Kumar, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a technology geek from Gujarat, India. He is a bachelor in Engineering that helped him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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