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Couchtuner Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like Couchtuner

Couchtuner Alternatives: We are blessed to be living in this age of technology and the Internet. The life of a human being has never been as easy and convenient as it is now. We have multiple options for entertainment right now at your fingertips. However, some of them come at a cost. But sites like Couchtuner are lifesaver indeed.

The hectic modern-day schedule is one of the key reasons behind the rise of such services. People simply cannot afford to stay at home to watch their favorite shows. There also exist couchtuner alternatives where you can view all your favorite TV shows and movies.

However, it is ultimately a pirate site and the content is illegal, to be honest. This can result in legal problems depending upon where you live. Also, there have been complaints regarding viruses and malware being injected through ads.

These possibilities potentially lead to its shut down as we faced in case Showbox. Hence, it is not a bad idea to start looking for different sites like couchtuner to watch movies online. In this article, we will look at the different alternatives available to Couchtuner and highlight their plus points as well.

What is Couchtuner?

couchtuner alternatives

Couchtuner is a website that streams tv shows and movies absolutely free. It is also one of the most famous streaming websites. TV shows constitute the entire content of the site. Some of the most popular shows include Californication and America’s top model.

You can find almost any show here and that is one of the major plus points with Couchtuner. However, the content is a disorganized mess and that results in high difficulty in navigation. It takes time and effort to find the necessary material. Even if you manage to find the show by name, you will struggle to find the required episode of a particular season. The worst part is that you have to do this for every new episode as there is no autoplay feature.

That’s why we decided to come up with really competitive Couchtuner alternatives. Let’s explore.

Couchtuner Alternatives

There are several sites like couchtuner that exist on the Internet. We have checked most of them and decided to sort the best couchtuner alternatives among them. So, check top alternatives to couchtuner with amazing features below.



Movie4u is a very well known streaming website that is quite similar to Couchtuner. The site is completely free and there is no need for any registration or meaningless subscriptions. You can straight away jump to the content. If you are from India, you can even enjoy Hindi Dubbed Movies. However, they frequently keep changing their name, hence you might need to google to find their URL.

Website URL:

Features of Movie4u:

  • Supports a wide range of devices without lags.
  • Content is well sorted out into different categories.
  • Well-optimized user interface.
  • Ads don’t hinder the experience.
  • If the required content is not found, you can request for it.



SolarMovies is a very popular streaming website. The main highlight is the extremely well-designed user interface which makes it very easy to discover new and trending content. This may be one of your Couchtuner alternatives after reading this article.

Registration is completely free and the content is sorted according to the genre. You can also sort movies according to the country. You can select the required country depending on your language preference.

Website URL:

Features of SolarMovie:

  • Interesting content saving feature.
  • Fewer advertisements.
  • Make requests for new content.
  • IMDB ratings based search filter.
  • Nice mobile user interface.



There is hardly anything to dislike about this website. It has a wide range of categories including animation, documentaries, and a special uncategorized section. You don’t need any registration to access the content of the site, but registration does bring in additional benefits like notifications.

To watch a movie, simply click on the thumbnail and click the green button which indicates play. That’s it and you are good to go. Almost all the movies have the stream in HD option. Also, ads are less and can be completely eliminated using an Adblocker.

Website URL:

Features of 123Movies:

  • No need for meaningless registration and the content is absolutely free.
  • The video quality of the content is indicated on the thumbnail, thus helping you make your decision.
  • IMDB ratings are available and hence you can get an idea of what to watch.
  • You can request for content not available. However, that might seem unlikely considering the huge collection.
  • Supports 4k streaming for certain movies and shows.



A staple name in the online streaming business, it contains movies and TV shows alike. The elegant user interface makes it easy to use. Ads are less and you can always use an adblocker to completely eliminate them. It is one of the best couchtuner alternatives indeed.

Availability is not a problem as there are plenty of mirrors to choose from. Moreover, it has shown from all countries like Japan, India, France, Taiwan, Korea, etc.

Website URL:

Features of Putlocker:

  • Well organized content.
  • You can suggest the shows you want.
  • Availability of plenty of old movies(pre-1960).
  • Wide variety of movies covering 32 languages.
  • Searching is a breeze.



An amazing site with lots of top movies and TV shows. Here you can keep track of the latest episode from your favorite series. It also shows the quality of the content, thus helping you choose the very best video quality. The movies are sorted according to the year of release. The wide range of content makes this one of the ideal sites like Couchtuner.

Website URL:

Features of 1Movies:

  • Search results based on IMDb ratings.
  • The content catalog contains ongoing movies.
  • Top-watched section for recommendations.
  • Neat operating section.
  • Ads are not a problem here.



Just as the name hints, Fastmovies update their collection with the latest release way before anyone else. All the latest movies and TV shows are available for free in full HD. In order to access their content, you need to do a small registration. The layout of the website is very good and you won’t have any difficulty in finding what you need.

Website URL:

Features of Fastmovies:

  • Includes an upcoming releases section.
  • It contains music blog to keep you refreshed.
  • Users can request for the content to the site owners.
  • The latest content is added way before anyone else.
  • Wide range of Mountain including documentaries biographies and animation films.



YesMovies has a very fresh look and that is due to the well-designed user-interface. Searching for content is quite a breeze. The actual movie collection is pretty huge as well. You can find movies from almost all the countries. The latest content is available in good quality as well. It’s a good alternative for couchtuner.

Website URL:

Features of YesMovies:

  • Can make a request for new content as well as unavailable ones.
  • IMDB ratings are available.
  • The video quality of the content is indicated on the thumbnail.
  • The website-layout is good.
  • No need for registration to watch the content.



The best part about this website is the reliability. You don’t need to worry about malware being injected into your computer by random ads. They are very quick to update the content and you can find blockbuster movies being played out in the theater, here.

The site is well organized and the content is presented in such a way that, you will find yourself frequenting the site. Creating an account here will give you access to lots of features like creating your own personalized show lists, receiving notifications for new content, etc. However, there is no need to register to watch the content.

Website URL:

Features of watch-series:

  • No need for registration or subscription fees.
  • Loads of quality content at high video-quality.
  • You can give feedback to the owners.
  • Good website presentation.
  • Frequent uploads based on the user’s requests.

AZ Movies

az movies

AZ Movies has the total look of a premium website but it is completely free. It houses movies and TV shows of different genres and from different periods of time. It even has the old Charlie Chaplin movies. There is no need for any signup or registration. Ads won’t interrupt the viewing experience as they are minimal. You can straight away start the streaming. So, you can consider it as a cool site like couchtuner.

Website URL:

Features of AZ Movies:

  • Easy to navigate and clean user interface.
  • Genre and year-based categorization.
  • Full-HD movie streaming option.
  • Frequent content addition.
  • Minimal ads.

This site does justice to its name by providing high-quality links to the latest episodes released. The website places emphasis on TV shows. All the series are displayed conveniently and users can easily browse and find what they require. It also has a movies tab that will guide the user to another website that has lots of interesting movies.

Website URL:

Features of

  • Availability of the latest high-quality content.
  • Active forum establishment for communication.
  • One can make requests for the latest shows or episodes.
  • Smooth website interface.
  • Alphabetical order arrangement makes search easy.

Guide to watch movies/tv shows online

Using VPN changes the IP address of your computer and hence provides a shield for you on the internet. In our opinion by using Couchtuner or any other streaming websites we recommend you to use a VPN to conceal your identity that way the chances of getting in legal problems are significantly reduced. Do not opt for free VPNs as they provide lesser service. Our recommendation is to go for IPVanish. Some of its features include:

  • More than 850 accessible servers.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Completely free of ads.
  • Multi-platform security.


In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding the best Couchtuner alternatives. I hope now you can watch movies and TV shows online for free with sites like couchtuner. If you have any queries regarding the content of the article, do write to us. Your suggestions towards making this list are welcome.

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