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How To Use Popular Hashtags To Get Instagram Followers

In this Instagram era, We all need more followers and likes. But a question arises that how to get Instagram followers? To make your Instagram presence count, you need to be proactive and try ways to improve your visibility.  You have to use strategies to build a good and loyal following. To learn how to get instant followers on Instagram, you need to educate yourself about the most popular hashtags and using them in your stories in a sensible way.

Using proper Hashtags you can get more visibility across the Instagram users. If they like your photo or video then it’s possible that they will follow you. This way of using proper hashtags to get followers is old yet effective. You don’t need to spend a penny to get Instagram followers in this way is the main advantage. So, Use popular hashtags according to your image or video in Instagram posts or stories and gain a handsome amount of followers.

Popular Hashtags Instagram Followers

25 Popular Hashtags To Get Instagram Followers

Here is a list of 25 popular hashtags that you can use to gain visibility and get new followers:

  1. #Love

#love hashtag has been used in about 700 million Instagram posts. It can be used for anything you love, or to show through your post, how love still exists in the world. Couples use this hashtag more while posting their photos on Instagram.

  1. #Instagood

This hashtag is still trending and has been used more than 314 million times. #Instagood is just a simple yet popular hashtag on Instagram.

  1. #Me

The #Me hashtag is almost everywhere. It’s very close to reaching about 300 million posts. This is the period of the millennials, and this tag will certainly strike an instant chord. People use this hashtag while they are doing something alone.

  1. #Tbt

Tbt means – Throwback Thursday. Well – it’s a popular hashtag among those who are learning to market on Instagram or more often it is for “Throwback Thursday” where you post a picture of – well, no prize for guessing – Thursday. You can use this hashtag while posting your old photos on Instagram.

  1. #Cute

#Cute, the tag itself is so cute. Any post with a toddler, infant, animals or even some jewelry will have this hashtag. About 258 million posts have this hashtag. A large number of posts is indicative of how people take an instant liking to the tag cute. More often girls use this hashtag on their images.

  1. #Follow

#Follow – pretty straightforward, this tag has appeared in about 260 million posts. Instagram users generally use this hashtag to get followers and add it at the end of their post.

  1. #Followme

#Followme – This is a great way to say – please follow me. This can be used effectively when combined with the right kind of feeds. Just like #Follow you can use this hashtag to get some followers.

  1. #Photooftheday

This is for you to put on any one of your best pictures, on one day. Use this hashtag to promote your best shots – like photos with most engagements. Reserve this for the best images that you can post. You can use this hashtag frequently on days after days to get more reach.

  1. #Happy

As the name says, anything or anyone can be happy, and adding a hashtag will only increase the happiness. Everyone certainly likes to be a part of anything that is happy and trending. When your day has gone with happiness and after that, you post some clicks on Instagram then you can use #Happy to celebrate it.

  1. #Tagforlikes

Though this tag is popular, it’s not a very great way for the brand building. This hashtag asks people to tag them in posts so they can get more likes. It’s like asking people – “please, like me.” Although many people are using it and getting a good amount of followers.

  1. #Beautiful

Use this hashtag for anything that’s beautiful – a person, a scenery, an object – just anything. This hashtag has been used more than 250 million times. So, It will certainly reach more people if you use this hashtag.

  1. #Girl

Probably using this hashtag could get you more attention for being a #Girl, or you can use it when you want to post something particularly for the attention of girls. This could be a great way to share important information that girls will easily notice.

  1. #Like

With this hashtag, the user is requesting for more likes. Never overuse this, rely on the quality of your feed first. You should use this hashtag occasionally on your posts.

  1. #Selfie

The tag is self-explanatory, and its to show to the world that you can take great selfies, wherever and whenever you can. You can use this hashtag when you are traveling and posting different selfies at each location.

  1. #Picoftheday

This is similar to #photooftheday, which means this tag is for your best pictures – apply this to any photo that you want to. Out of many clicks, you can use one photo to use this hashtag.

  1. #Summer

Photo of a bright sunny day, where you want to convey the brightness of this world – use #Summer. While you are drinking cold drink on hot days of summer, you can use this hot hashtag.

  1. #Fun

This tag is for photos taken when you are actually having fun – like a games party with friends, or a wedding or a poker night with family. Whenever you are doing some crazy things and it captured, #Fun hashtag is perfect to use.

  1. #Smile

This tag for sure is to make everyone #Smile. When you are pleased and want to spread #Smile with everyone, this is a perfect hashtag to use in your photo.

  1. #Friends

Use this hashtag for photos with your friends, or a gang of people who are great to hang out with. While you are outing with friends and framed good photos, it’s must hashtag to use.

  1. #Like4like

It’s like – win-win for all – you like me, I like you, you follow me, I follow you. As simple as that. In the initial days of opening Instagram account, people generally use this hashtag.

  1. #Instadaily

This hashtag can be used for your daily photo like if you have a garden and you want to show which flower bloomed today, this can be a good tag to put along. You can put your routine activity clicks with this hashtag.

  1. #Fashion

Obvious by its name, this can be for any fashion trends, or any fashion clothes or jewelry you want to showcase. Girls are using this hashtag whenever they wear something in new fashion clothes or jewelry.

  1. #Igers

This tag has been used like 100 million times, and the purpose – just to indicate you are proud to be an Instagram user. So, If you are happy with using Instagram then you can add this hashtag in your post.

  1. #Instalike

This is similar to #like – to like a post. When you like some kinds of stuff and posting it on Instagram, you can use this hashtag for sure.

  1. #Food

Photos of your special menus, hosting parties or any kind of post related to food can be tagged with this hashtag. People searching for this tag will be able to find your photos easily (of course, along with other hashtags). Foodaholic people use this hashtag very often.

So, These are some most popular hashtags of Instagram to get free followers. Choose and use them wisely to attract followers is in your hand. If you any other awesome hashtags to use in Instagram photos and videos then comment down below. If you liked the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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