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How to Create Bootable Pendrive Using CMD

As We All Know There Are Various Easy And Simple Softwares Available Which will Let Us to a Bootable Pendrive Easily.One of The Most Useful and Genuine Softwares From Which We Can Make Bootable Pendrive Easily was Posted Earlier. But Here We are Going to Learn How to Create Bootable Pendrive Using Windows Command Prompt.


  1. A Pendrive (Having Capacity Of Minimum 8GB)
  2. Windows PC/Laptop

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Steps to Make Bootable Pendrive using Windows Command Prompt:-

Step 1: Run CMD(Command Prompt) As Administrator.

Step 2: Connect Your Pendrive to Your Computer.

Step 3: Type ” diskpart “ and Press Enter.


Step 4: Type  ” list disk “and Press Enter. This will List All the Storage Device Available on Your Computer.1list disk

Step 5:  Choose Your Pendrive by typing  ” select disk 1 and Press Enter. (Here it is disk 1. In Your Computer it May Differ So Choose Wisely)

select disk

Step 6: Type ” clean and Press Enter. This will Erase All Data from Your Pendrive.


Step 7: Type ” create partition primary and Press Enter.

create partition

Step 8: Type “ select partition 1 ” and Press Enter. This will Select the Partition That We just Created.

select partition

Step 9: Type ” format=fs ntfs quick and Press Enter. This will Perform a Quick Format With NTFS file system.

format fs

Step 10: Type ” active ” and Press Enter. This will Mark Your Primary Partition as Active.


Step 11: Type ” exit and Press Enter to Exit Diskpart and Then  Close Command Prompt.


Step 12: Now Copy All the Data from Windows Installation Disk to Your Pendrive.

That’s it!

Now Your Pendrive Is Bootable & Having desired Windows Installation.


 Before Installing Windows OS From Bootable Pendrive, Make Sure You Have Given First Boot Priority to Removable Disk from BIOS

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