5 Fitness Plugins That Make Your Health WordPress Blog Attractive

Putting our ideas out there has never been so easily done as now. Practically everyone can become a ‘published author’ without having to convince someone else (aka the publishers) to fund their efforts. Everything is just as easy as typing and clicking.

Because of this, blogging is an activity that has easily gained traction among business people and ordinary consumers alike. Now, if you are one of them, and your interest happens to be fitness and health, you have come to the right place. In this article, we present the types of plugins that you should add to your WordPress site to help make it a lot more engaging.

But I have a custom WordPress development professional helping me with the technical stuff, do I still have to intervene with the decision that he makes? Of course! You are the owner of the website so you should have a say as to which elements get published.

While you don’t really have to understand that technicalities of these elements, you should at least know and control the substance that they hold.

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Weight Loss Trackers

Plugin Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/weight-loss-tracker/

Let’s face it, many of the people who go to fitness blogs are those who are battling with obesity or body image issues. They share a common goal, and that is to lose weight and gain (for some, regain) their curves.

Of course, the road to weight loss is not going to be easy. They will have to give up a lot of the good things, and these, unfortunately, include their long hours for rest and their intake of loads of sumptuous sugar. With this, there really is a need for you to reinforce their healthy choices every step of the way.

And, there is no better way of reinforcing them than letting them know how much progress they’ve made. Weight loss tracking wordpress plugin is going to be of great help in this.

Meal Planners

Plugin Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/meal-planner-pro/

In the previous point, we talked about limiting the intake of sugary food and drinks. Now, telling them what not to eat is good, but you should NOT stop there. What are they going to eat instead? This is a more important question.

We don’t leave our readers hanging.  If we stop them from doing something, then we should immediately offer alternatives. Hence, wordpress plugin that help your users identify which foods are healthy and even teach them how to prepare their meals (e.g. specific recipes) are going to be good add-ons to your platform.

Workout Schedulers

Plugin Link:https://codecanyon.net/item/appointment-booking-and-scheduling-for-wordpress-bookdice/20682459

People often have the intention to be healthy and exercise but they just can’t seem to find the time to fit in a workout. After all, a lot of us are busy making money and practically putting our lives together.

Be supportive of your users’ bold move to include fitness in their routine by letting them have access to scheduling plugins that help them lay out their workout plan. This tool should have alarms and reminders that always push users to take action.

Inspirational Quotes

Plugin Link:https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/inspirational-quotes/

There are many reasons why people start a fitness program and get in shape; it could be that they simply want to lose weight or look their best or regain the fitness levels that they enjoyed when they were younger. Whatever the reason, and whatever health and fitness regime they embark upon, there will be times when it seems easy and times when it’s hard going.

When things get tough, the tough get going, especially if they feel inspired and motivated. That’s why health and fitness quotes wordpress plugin can prove invaluable; they provide inspirational quotes every day which helps people push through the fatigue barrier, meaning they will find it easier to work out for longer or say no to the food treats which can derail a diet.

Nutrition Calculator

Plugin Link:https://codecanyon.net/item/build-a-meal-wordpress-nutrition-calculator-plugin/15783001

The secret to losing weight can be expressed simply as burning more calories than you take in, which is why eating less and exercising more can be so effective. It’s vitally important, however, to take on board all the nutritional content your body needs, as these minerals and vitamins give it the power to work harder for longer.

That’s why a nutrition calculator is one of the most important plugins a WordPress fitness blog can have. The user simply selects ingredients from a comprehensive list, which then gives an aggregated nutritional value of the meal they plan to prepare. It’s an easy way to ensure that a meal is low in calories whilst still being high in nutritional value.

Identifying which wordpress plugin to add to your website shouldn’t be a difficult task. You just have to genuinely care for what your users need and understand that need so that you can give them exactly what they’re looking for. Nutrition calculators, health and fitness quotes, meal planners, workout schedulers and meal planners are easy to add to any WordPress site thanks to the ease with which these plugins can be incorporated.

You’re adding extra value for visitors to your site, and that means you can also attract new visitors week on week.

Article written by Kumar

Hey, folks out there! This is Kumar, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a technology geek from Gujarat, India. He is a bachelor in Engineering that helped him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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