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Some Unknown Features and Facts about VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is mainly used when you have to access any banned website. Web sites are banned for several reasons under premises or even sometimes in the whole country but VPN is the safest and easiest way to get into any website without further consequences like banning. This guide will help you to to know more about VPN.

Some Unknown Features and Facts about VPN

The working of a VPN is a bit tricky. A VPN simply creates a virtual tunnel between your ISP and the website which you’re trying to access. The virtual tunnel encrypts all your personal details so it can’t be misused and simultaneously it also let you access the website.vpn unknown features

The virtual tunnel which is created turns all your information into useless codes so if somehow anyone accesses your information he can’t read. Thus, we can understand that VPN not just lets you access the banned websites, but it also keeps your private information safe from bleachers.

Working structure of VPN

Well, finding a VPN is not very difficult task. You will find many free and chargeable VPNs across the internet. One thing I need to share and which is very important that, although VPN doesn’t access your details itself, but there are VPNs on the internet which have their policies to check your details while you sign up. So my suggestion is that you always read the terms and conditions carefully before sign into any VPN.

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So, today in this article we are going to check some of the facts and features of which can be really handy for you.

Facts about VPN

  1. Not all free VPNs are secure and reliable, some of them leak your data because of incomplete encryption and security. That’s why below I have shared an article in which I have mentioned some good free VPN which are worth off.

Best Free VPN To Surf Internet Anonymously 2017

  1. “I am not surfing any illegal website or dark web, so I don’t need a VPN” this is the biggest myth about VPN. There are many websites which check our browser history, and further, they sell it to MNC companies, so we should always use a VPN in order to get secure internet browsing.
  2. There is an encryption and decryption process at the servers of VPN. This creates a virtual shield which protects us from the hackers or any kind of the third party.
  3. Most of the VPNs provides their services for less than 10$ per year which is too cheap and if you ask about my opinion than this price is nothing compare to your personal data.
  4. Some unbelievable features are coming in VPN which we can expect it in future.
  5. Thai and Indonesian internet users are most likely to use the internet via VPNs.
  6. An average VPN user uses internet via VPN at least 4-5 times a day, thanks to our government for blocking Torrents and other piracy sites.
  7. The five biggest VPN markets are UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.
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Features of VPN 

A VPN alone is only an approach to support your security and get to assets on a system you’re not physically associated with. So, below I have shared some best features of a VPN which will make you sign for it now.

VPNs are many features and may be you will be aware of some features but, below I have shared only shared the key features of a VPN.

  1. A VPN can be used if you want to share a file in a group.
  2. You can be anonymous while surfing the internet if you are connected to a VPN (Biggest advantage).
  3. If you want to change your IP address than a premium VPN can give you a others country IP address.
  4. The speed of internet can be improved.
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Ending the Article

In the end, I have to say that all the facts and details which are mentioned in the article will be definitely helpful for you if you will use VPN yourself. You will be easily able to access it if you follow the above-provided instructions in the article properly.

So, thus was the canticle on features and facts about VPN. Kindly mention your queries in the comment section.

Article written by Keyur Vala

Keyur Vala is The student of Cyber Security at Gujarat Forensic Science University Gandhinagar and Completed Bachelor in Computer Engineering. He is also Tech Addict, Blogger, Developer, and Freelancer.

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