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CCECOIN: Transparent Peer to Peer Trading Ecosystem

Existing Problem

Have you ever heard about durian? Being an India, we may not have heard of the word “Durian”. Mango is titled as the king of our fruits, right? But it isn’t actually outside of India. That is the beauty of being on earth as a human. We get to know about hundreds of cultures, routines, food and a lot which differs from one country to another. Coming to point, when we talk about the king of fruit for south Asian countries, it is Durian. The fruit inside is mushy, yellow, and crescent-shaped. In other countries, it is known as the world’s smelliest fruit. But you’re unaware of its demand in south Asian countries yet.

Durian season happens twice a year. The late May to end of July season is the bigger of the two. The current season starting now in mid-November till the end of the year is generally shorter and has fewer fruits. At the current price of $20.00 USD per kg for the Musang King durian in Malaysia, any tourist to Malaysia will spend around $100.00 USD for just two durians. 2 Milion visitors entry and you can do the math. But the main issue here is the unavailability of durians which causes up to 40% surge in inflation. Farmers are not getting for their durian farming. Thu, the entire durian ecosystem is not ideal and keeps collapsing.

Innovative Solution

CCECOIN is providing transparent peer to peer trading ecosystem based on potential blockchain technology. CCECOINS facilitate trades between vendors and buyers, reducing the cost of trade and ensuring efficient handling of payments. But, more than just providing general support for business growth throughout the region and facilitating trades with CCECOIN, CCE is actively developing an extensive community of buyers and sellers by implementing a direct sales model in specific luxury food markets – further reducing the cost of the supply chain. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell on the blockchain in a transparent and open manner within the CCE ecosystem – a trading system utilizing the CCECOIN – soon to be promoted within the region. Let’s explore more about CCECOIN and the ecosystem they are actually developing.

CCECOIN: Blockchain Peer to Peer Trading Ecosystem


Two lucrative business sectors in the Southeast Asia region, that have an unmet demand, are those businesses operating both within the exotic durian fruit growers market, and the area of the supply of bird nests – a luxury edible product, highly sought after by the wealthy situated throughout China, and associated regions. These products are sold on the luxury markets throughout Asia and provide significant opportunities for CCE. CCE is actively building a community of buyers and sellers within the area of these closed-market high-value items using the CCE token to assist buyers to directly trade with durian farmers and bird nest harvesters; bringing enhanced value to local markets, promoting growth, and solidifying the CCECOIN as the preferred medium of exchange.


There are several compelling reasons why CCECOIN is situated to become a major financial medium throughout Southeast Asia region and beyond; thus, providing a compelling reason for the early purchase of CCECOIN:

  • CCECOIN is set to become a major force in the Southeast Asia geopolitical area, and with the launch of peer to peer trades, and the effecting of payments with CCECOIN within the CCE ecosystem, the token is primed not only to become the default payment instrument within the ecosystem but also play a major role in trades external to the ecosystem.
  • CCE invests trading reserves – CCE commits to allocating 10% of revenue earned to a special reserve that, as it builds, adds further intrinsic value to the coin.
  • Cost efficiencies – use of CCECOIN results in cost efficiencies, secure trades and the opportunity to enjoy unparalleled opportunities offered within the ecosystem.
  • We are driven to give back to our communities in which we operate our club, by actively establishing, operating and financially supporting community dialysis centers. Supporting ccecoin supports your community.


  1. Charity Emphasis
  2. Available Worldwide
  3. Merchant Building
  4. Fractional Transaction
  5. Payment For Everday
  6. Exchangeable to Fiat Currency
  7. Safe and Secure
  8. Limited Total Coins Issuance
  9. Tradable on Crypto-Exchanges
  10. Group Purchases


Direct market engagement:  Satisfying unmet demand of consumers for the exotic durian fruit and the highly price swallow bird nest – a luxury
edible product.

Driving Transparency: Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, CCE is seeking to bring about transparency to the process of buying and selling.

Solutions: By creating a token on international blockchain both buyers and sellers can connect, trade and exchange goods using CCE ECOSYSTEM.

Technology: CCECOIN created on Ethereum blockchain written on the solidity drives distributing ledger accounting system and token tracking.

Ecosystem: Having global trade at the heart of the ecosystem, it facilitates trades between vendors and buyers, reducing the cost of trade and ensuring efficient handling of payments.

How CCECOIN is disrupting durian marketplace?

CCE is building a powerful cross-border ecosystem, initially for implementation throughout the region of Southeast Asia, but ultimately with a global reach. The members of the ecosystem, which is effectively a platform for trade, consist of diverse merchants and both individual and commercial buyers. Product and service offerings will be determined by individual members, and the preferred medium for transacting deals is the CCECOIN.

In order to provide immediate traction for the ecosystem, and provide rapid substance and intrinsic value to CCECOIN, CCE is actively working within two specific areas of the local market. The first is the establishment of a $700 million USD direct market program within the exotic durian sector, and secondly, expand quickly into a $13.31 million USD program within the luxury bird nest consumption market.

CCE already has several groups that have come aboard with the CCE ecosystem. Doctors from the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturist Association Malaysia (FCPAAM) have agreed to become part of our ecosystem and will accept CCECOIN as a medium of payment.

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