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How to Share YouTube Offline Stored Videos

share youtube offline videos

In leading era of the Internet, YouTube is growing tremendously and that time is no so far to become the world’s largest search engine. And, it seems to be true because of its addictive features and quality content that users are continuously uploading. Saving YouTube’s video offline is a really admirable feature of YouTube. But such youtube offline saved videos can be viewed only to parent device while we can’t watch on another device. But what if we can share youtube offline videos with any smartphone you want? That can be the use case, especially, when someone is facing a slow internet connection. Therefore today, I’m going to share a method on how to share Youtube offline stored videos. With the help of this method, you need to save your videos only once and you will be able to share it with your friends easily. We can also be aware of the Location of Youtube Offline Store Videos by this method,

Despite YouTube offline videos can be watched on a single device, you can share YouTube offline stored videos easily with your friends, colleagues etc. by using these methods. Do you want to share your private video with someone on youtube? Yes, you can share private YouTube video with your friends and family.

Are you still facing the following issues?

  • Transfer YouTube offline stored videos to another device?
  • Copy/Move YouTube offline stored videos to another device?
  • Transfer YouTube offline video to PC

Here you go. Clear your all doubt by using the following methods.

#Method I


Steps to be followed to move/transfer YouTube offline saved videos

Step 1. Install YouYube Go app downloaded from above link and register for a new account. (Mobile number verification and selection of Gmail account is required.)

Step 2. Search for particular video on YouTube Go app that you want to transfer to another device.

Step 3. Taping on video from search results will lead you to the following screen. You will find video quality options for saving it offline. Select your preferred quality and click on save button.

transfer youtube offline videos

Step 4. Now you need to go to the saved section of YouTube Go app from where you can share recently saved offline video by tapping on send button. (Have you used Xender earlier? It will be as same as that.)

copy youtube offline videos from one device to another devicetransfer youtube offline videos youtube go appmove youtube offline video using youtube go

Step 5. You will get the list of devices to which you want to transfer videos as soon as the receive button of YouTube Go app is clicked on another device. Choose the device appeared on screen and start sharing.

transfer youtube offline videos from sd cardhow to move youtube saved videoshow to share youtube saved videos

Step 6. Bingo! You just moved your YouTube offline saved video. It was as simple as described. Isn’t it? 😉


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#Method II

Requirements :-

  1. Youtube App
  2. File Sharing App (It may be Xender, ShareIt, Bluetooth or Others)
  3. Just Have Your Mind with You 😉

Steps to Be Followed to Share Youtube Offline Stored Videos :-

Step 1. Hand over a smartphone or device in which you are having offline stored videos and another device to which you are going to share YouTube offline saved videos.

Step 2. In the device containing YouTube’s offline stored videos, simply follow this Path in SD card storage or phone storage.

storage/Android/data/ generated folder name)/streams

Step 3. Now share/send this folder(Streams) to another device and paste/move it to the same location as mention above.

Step 4. Then after, open YouTube app on another device where you just transferred the video which is saved in offline mode in the main device. 

Step 5. Click on save to offline button and select video quality as same as of offline stored video of main device.

Step 6. Woila! Youtube has just read your already transferred file. Enjoy your youtube’s shared videos without buffering.

Note : 

The download may be started by an inappropriate reading of transferred files, give it few more tries.

Wrapping Up,

So, this was the easiest guide on share youtube offline stored videos. However, you can also share unlisted YouTube video. These methods require specifically when you’re about to change your mobile device and you don’t want to lose your previously saved youtube videos. Based on the user’s queries, we have especially worked on this trick. If the method other than YouTube Go is not working, you need to give more tries as there can be reading problem on your device. If you still have any issue regarding sharing YouTube offline videos, feel free to comment here.

Article written by Kumar

Hey, folks out there! This is Kumar, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a technology geek from Gujarat, India. He is a bachelor in Engineering that helped him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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  1. Praveen Kumar Reply

    Greetings of the day,
    I have save more than 80 videos in offline folder in letv 1 , how can I transfer to another device please let me know.

    Thank you

  2. habib Reply


  3. kapil Reply

    Thanks bro

  4. Sam Reply

    Ohh nice trick bro

  5. AMIt Reply

    you nailed it BRO!!!!

  6. Lalit Reply

    I followed the above instn but there is an error in video play back… It seems Youtube app is not able to find the required exo files

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      Please follow the steps one by one accurately. It’s working like charm here.

  7. Krishna Reply

    Plz help me sir,i have done all the process which u suggest , but when I am playing these videos after saving in offline mode,it shows only loading circle but not playing,,,,,

  8. kaka Reply

    I have pasted the file but i am not seeing the icon.

  9. Ayush Singh Reply

    Hey how can I play video faster ? In offline u tube app

  10. arya Reply

    sir all the files in exo &m not able to open it

  11. tnt Reply

    i wanted to know that how can offline downloaded videos from youtube or any other app can be converted into normal videos.

    so that u can keep& play them forever on other devices or wherever you want.

    • Milan Donga Reply

      If you are facing difficulties, check this article again with updated method. It’s kinda of children’s play 🙂

  12. syed Reply

    hey you can use an app called tube mate none of this issues will occur in the first place. you can directly download the original file without the google encryption

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      Yes. We know about it. But here we are talking about offline youtube video. So, We have shared trick of saving and sharing offline youtube video.

  13. Raman Vasishtha Reply

    Hey, can u plz tell me how to decrypt these .exo file to play my offline saved videos in third-party app…….

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      You can not decrypt .exo file. You can play it in your Youtube app.

  14. Honoo Reply

    I use method 2 and it doesn’t seems to work. I tried a few times. Whenever I “save to offline”, it just download instead of read those files.

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      As we mentioned, Give it more try if isn’t working. Thanks.

  15. Sabir Reply

    How this works in Iphone ? Where are the YouTube videos stored?
    How to transfer to another android device?

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      Hello Sabir,

      Right now, Youtube Go app is available only on Android platforms. So, It will work on Android devices. If any updates come for iPhone then we will update it for sure.

  16. vimal Reply

    How if the offline video i have saved is now deleted from youtube?

  17. Kajei Reply

    I cant find where my youtube offline video is stored…. help

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      We have already mentioned the path in the article. Please check it.


  18. Shiva Reply

    I just have a doubt i got a new 32 gb sd card so i wanted to share my youtube offline videos from my previous 16gb sd card so i should just copy and paste the folder “Android” from my old to new sd and open my youtube app by inserting my new 32gb card where i copied the folder. Then can i get all my youtube offline files just as same as with my previous 16gb card?
    And also i want to copy the youtube offline files from my internal phone memory to the new sd card by pasting the files from location as you mentioned above “storage/Android/data/ generated folder name)/streams”
    To the same folder located on sd card? Will my internal storage videos transfer to sd card and can youtube app read and play them. Just had my doubt as i transferred from internal storage to sd card.

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