Is Netflix Not Working? How to Fix Netflix Error Codes

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services on the planet. You can watch anything from TV shows to documentaries without having to view a single ad. Youngsters are quite addicted to Netflix and even a single Netflix error is frustrating them someone punched them in the face.

The truckload of features that it offers makes it seem like it is an absolute bargain for the money. There is plenty to rave about Netflix and an entire article can be written on its features. However, if you have been using Netflix for a period of time, you would have known that Netflix is not perfect as there are a bunch of errors that do hamper the experience.

However, the pros far outweigh the cons and Netflix still remains the Numero Uno in the video streaming business. In this article, we will be looking at the different Netflix error codes that pop up on Netflix and how to solve them. So, let’s start by checking the causes of Netflix errors.

Causes of Netflix Error & Troubleshooting

Is Netflix not working? Well, you can’t pinpoint an exact cause for the errors that occur. The different iterations of the app across different devices are one possible reason for the wide range of errors.

Some common problems like buffering and Netflix black screen can be easily solved by changing the video quality and clearing the device cache respectively. Some common troubleshooting tips include making sure your app is updated to the latest version, restarting the system, rebooting the modem, etc.

However, there are no guarantees that the problems will fly away. The specific Netflix errors require different solutions. Error codes are in fact easier to resolve than random crashes. Therefore we can start our dissection of the error codes and their solutions.

Netflix Error Codes & Solution

1. Netflix UI-113

This is another problem that has been known to cause a lot of agony for users. Two common causes of this problem are corrupt data and interrupted network connections.

Some common procedures you can try out include restarting your device and the Internet device. Also, make sure to disconnect VPN or proxy server if you’re using one.


Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and a streaming device.

Solution 1: Reboot your device

  1. Disconnect your streaming device from a power source.
  2. Come on man! Calm down for a while.
  3. Let your streaming device eat electricity and launch Netflix.

Solution 2: Sign out of all devices

  1. Move yourself to Netflix > Your Account
  2. Tap on the last option stating “Sign out of all devices”
  3. Just sign in to your device again.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot UI-113

  • Clear Netflix app cache. (How to?)
  • Sign out of all devices. (How to?)
  • Uninstall and install the app again.
  • Disconnect from VPN or proxy and connect to your home network.

2. Netflix code UI-800-2

Netflix code UI-800-2

There are a variety of causes for this problem. However, one thing is certain- you need to refresh your data. This issue usually occurs on Samsung Smart TVs, Other Smart TVs, Set-top box, Streaming Media Players, Blu-Ray Player, Roku, etc.

Solution 1: Restart your Streaming device

  1. Disconnect your streaming device from the power plug.
  2. Let it be unplugged for a while, let’s say 5 minutes.
  3. Plug it in again and load Netflix.

Solution 2: Restart your Setup Box

  1. Disconnect your setup box or streaming media player from the power plug.
  2. Let it be unplugged for a while, let’s say 5 minutes.
  3. Plug it in again and load Netflix.

Solution 3: Relogin to Netflix

  1. Navigate to Setting(Gear Box) > Sign out/ Reset/ Deactivate.
  2. For devices with no such setting, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP using the arrow key.
  3. Sign back again and see if it’s working.

After trying out these all tactics, if your device is still throwing the same error, you may need to upgrade your streaming device’s firmware. Ask directly the supplier about the same instead of discussing the error you’re facing.

3. Netflix error UI-800-3

Netflix error code ui-800-3

Netflix error ui 800 3 is a very common error that most users face at some point or the other. This error code usually means that there is a problem with the Netflix data on your operating system. This could be due to a problem with the cache or with the app itself. Such problems can usually be solved by refreshing the data. Follow these different solutions to get rid of UI-800-3 error code.


Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds.

Solution 1: Reboot your device

  1. Shut down your electronic device.
  2. Disconnect from the power plug in the case of the TV.
  3. Why don’t you sit back and relax for a while, would you mind?
  4. Gear up your device again.
  5. Connect Netflix and check if it works.

Solution 2: Sign out of all devices

  1. Move yourself to Netflix > Your Account
  2. Tap on the last option stating “Sign out of all devices”
  3. Just sign in to your device again.

Solution 3: Clear Netflix app cache

For smartphones,

  1. Move to Settings> Installed Apps
  2. Select Netflix
  3. Tap on clear cache

For Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick,

  1. Navigate to Settings> Application > Manage installed applications > Netflix > Clear Data > Clear Cache.
  2. Disconnect your Fire TV.
  3. Load it again and you’re done!

For Roku devices,

  1. Push the home button five times.
  2. Press the up arrow once, fast rewind twice, and fast forward twice.
  3. Let it reboot and enjoy the streaming!

4. Netflix tvq-pb-101

Netflix TVQ-PB-101

This is a very common error but fixing it is not so easy. There are multiple reasons for this problem. Some of these include outdated Netflix application, poor internet connection, Netflix service unavailable, etc.

Therefore, before moving on to the solution, make sure that you backup all your data, because it might be gone during the resetting process.


We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.

Solution 1: Update the application

Sometimes, your device might not let you know that the app is outdated. There is no warning of any kind. Hence, it might cause problems.

  1. Select the applications tab from the home screen.
  2. Choose the settings option and select Netflix.
  3. Highlight the application and click delete.
  4. Now a prompt appears. Confirm the delete option.
  5. After the deletion is over, restart your device.
  6. Go to the application store, find Netflix, and download it.

Solution 2: Power Cycling

Power cycling is just a fancy word for shutting down the device and draining all its power.

  1. Using the power button, switch off your device.
  2. Remove the power cable and press the power button for a few minutes. This will completely drain the static power left in the system.
  3. Wait for 4 minutes and plug the power cable back in.

Solution 3: Log in using a different user profile

  • Launch the Netflix application and press the arrow keys on your remote in the exact same manner: Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > Up > Up > Up > Up.
  • Select the deactivate option and restart your Device and log in again.

5. Netflix error code tvq-pm-100

netflix tvq-pm-100

This specific error code indicates an underlying network connectivity issue. Depending on your device the troubleshooting steps may vary.


We are having trouble playing this title at the moment. Please try again later or select a different title.


  1. Amazon Firestick: All you need to do is to restart your device.
  2. Blue-Ray Player: Power off your device for a minimum period of 15 seconds and turn it back on.
  3. PlayStation 4: Restore your ISP’s default settings.
  4. Smart TV: Cut off the power supply for 1 minute. Now press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to discharge it. Plug in the power supply and turn on the TV.
  5. For all other devices-currently, there is no solution available and it will be best to contact Netflix.

6. Netflix tvq-details-menu-100


This is another error that is occurring mainly because of the connectivity issue. A slightly poor connection may be restricting your streaming device from accessing the content to the fullest.

Follow the troubleshooting steps for your device below to resolve the issue


  1. You should restart your streaming device.
  2. Logout of Netflix.
  3. Now, you should restart your home network.
  4. Connect your Smart TV or Blue-Ray Player directly to the modem.
  5. You can also improve your Wi-Fi signal by placing a router close to the device.

If an error still appears, you may wanna try out disconnect set-up box and plug in again.

7. Netflix error tvq-st-103/131

Netflix error tvq-st-103/131

Source: Twitter

When this error flashes on your screen, it indicates a network accessibility problem. You can start by trying to restart your device but if that does not work, you need different solutions such as provided below.


  • Netflix has encountered an error
  • Unable to connect to Netflix

Solution 1: Restart your router

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the router.
  2. Connect your router again and wait till it is ready for emitting the internet.
  3. Launch Netflix.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot tvq-st-103 on Amazon Fire TV/Stick

  1. Simply reload the Netflix app.
  2. If the error still appears, reinstall the app again. (Setting > Applications > Manage all installed applications > Netflix > Delete)
  3. Search for Netflix from home and download it again.

Solution 3: Fix tvq-st-103 on PlayStation 3 & 4

  • Check your internet connection. (Setting > Network Setting > Internet Connection)
  • Reinstall the app. (TV/Video Service > Netflix > Delete)
  • Disconnect the power station from the power plug. Plugin again, press and hold the PS power button to boot it up again. Launch the app to see if it’s good.

Solution 4: Fix tvq-st-103 on Roku

  • Go to Settings> Get Help > Check your network. Let it check the connection and contact their servers.
  • Sign out of Netflix and sign in again.
  • Reload or reinstall the app again.

Solution 5: How to fix tvq-st-103 on SmartTV

  1. Sign out of the Netflix application.
  2. Reboot your Smart TV.
  3. Reboot your network and restore your default ISP setting.
  4. Open Netflix and see what’s the condition. (You may want to connect your Smart TV directly to the modem via LAN cable for ensuring high-speed internet.)

8. Netflix error 100

You should note that this method will remove all the data from your device. This error is found in the Amazon FireTV/Firestick and SmartTV that indicates stored data needs to be refreshed.


Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service (-100).


  1. Try restarting your device.
  2. Connect using a different internet connection if possible.
  3. Restore the default settings of your device.

There’s not much to try out. If your device is still showing the same error, you may need to upgrade your streaming device’s firmware. Contact the manufacturer about the same.

9. Netflix error 30103

Netflix 30103

This error is usually encountered when streaming movies. This error is mainly found on iOS operating devices like iPad, iPhone, etc. One of the primary reasons behind this problem is a poor internet connection. When content needs to be reloaded, it occurs occasionally.


Cannot play title. Please try again later.

Solution 1: Restart your iOS devices

  1. Press and hold the power button until the red slider pops up.
  2. Slip that slider to the right side to turn off your device.
  3. Tap the power button again until you see the Apple logo.
  4. Launch the Netflix app and load your title.

Solution 2: Apply your default ISP setting

  1. If you’ve changed your ISP setting, simply restore it to default.
  2. Disconnect your VPN and connect Netflix to home/public network.
  3. Come back to your default DNS.

Solution 3: Shut off Airplay

  1. Open Netflix and hunt for Airplay.
  2. Pick your iOS device from the given list.
  3. Launch Netflix and surf like you were doing before.

Solution 4: Troubleshoot error 30103

  • If you have downloaded content and it is throwing this error, just download it again. It’s because your downloaded content may be expired.
  • Simply change your (high-speed)internet connection as either your network provider may have blocked Netflix or the connection is not fast enough to load the content.

10. Netflix code NW-1-19

Netflix error NW-1-19

A perfectly working device out of nowhere might pop up with an error NW-1-19.

The problem is entirely one with the connection. Reinstalling Netflix would not be of many benefits here. Also, verify your DNS settings. If that doesn’t work, follow the steps given below.


Your device may not be connected to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working. Retrying in X seconds.

Code NW-1-19


  1. Check whether your network supports the streaming feature. Public networks might have blocked such.
  2. Ensure that you are still connected to the internet.
  3. Make an attempt to restart your streaming device.
  4. You can restart your home network as well.
  5. Connect your streaming device directly to the modem.
  6. The next step is to restore the default settings of your ISP.
  7. Finally, improve the signal of your Wi-Fi.

11. Netflix error NW-2-5

Netflix error nw-2-5

Usually, this error is caused by a problem with your device or your network. One common reason for such an issue is that your network might not support online streaming.


Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds.
Code: NW-2-5

Solution 1: Examine your internet connection

  1. Using an internet source other than a home/data connection, confirm network provider if they’ve blocked such streaming services.
  2. Ensure you’re surfing Netflix with a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Restart your streaming device and internet networks.

Solution 2: Sidestep your router by making a direct connection

  1. Shut down your streaming device.
  2. Remove the router and connect your device directly to the modem using an ethernet cable.
  3. Unplug, wait for a while, and plug in your modem. Start Netflix now.

Solution 3: Fix NW-2-5 on various devices

3.1 For PlayStation 3/4

  1. Move to Setting > Network Setting > Internet Connection Setting and tap on the OK button.
  2. Now choose Custom > Wireless > WLAN.
  3. Press the right button thrice and SSID, DNS, and Security Setting will pop up. Change them as given below and tap on the X button to save the changes settings.
IP Address SettingAutomatic
DHCP HostnameDo Not Set
DNS SettingAutomatic
Proxy ServerDo Not Use

3.2 For Xbox 360

  1. Go to Setting > System Setting > Network Setting.
  2. Select your connected network and go with Configure Network.
  3. Enable Automatic from DNS Setting. Restart Xbox 360 and launch Netflix.

3.3 For Xbox One

  1. Navigate to Network > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings > Automatic.
  2. Save this manual setting by pressing the B button.
  3. Restart Xbox One and launch Netflix.

Solution 4: Troubleshoot NW-2-5

  • Watch Netflix under the strong WiFi signal. You can place your router close to the streaming device.
  • Entirely turn off your router and wake up again.
  • For British Communication users, they need to disable BT Parent Controls. (My BT > My Extras > Personalize your settings > Disable BT Parent Controls)

12. Netflix NW-3-6 error

This error is mainly found when you are using Netflix on the PC and occasionally on the consoles. Virus infection of Netflix-related files may cause this problem.


We’re having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit:


  1. Reboot your network and a streaming device.
  2. Disconnect VPN or Proxy Server if you’re using it to run Netflix.
  3. Configure DNS depending on your device. (How to?)

13. Netflix M7111-1331-5059 error

Netflix error M7111-1331-5059

I just caught you using a VPN/Proxy for the sake of watching web series that aren’t available in your country. If you want to bypass this error, then either you need to get yourself a better VPN or completely avoid such software.


You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit


The ultimate solution here is to disable VPN or Proxy Server. But does it mean that you shouldn’t watch your favorite web series? Give these steps a shot.

  1. Use any powerful VPN out of many. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or HMA(Hide My Ass) may be your fit.
  2. Make sure VPN you’ve installed is the latest according to your OS.
  3. Open the VPN app and choose a server from the country you want to access Netflix.
  4. You should not forget to clear the cookies to have an effective solution.
  5. Now launch Netflix again. If it does not work, simply select another server.

14. Netflix M7703-1003 error

Netflix error M7703-1003

This error is quite common on Ubuntu Linux, and a significant number of Linux users have complained of this error. This error is mainly related to your browser configuration. Before following the steps, ensure that you have logged in as an administrator.


We cannot find all the required components to play Netflix on this device. Please visit chrome://components, locate the WidevineCdm component, and click the “Check for update” button.

Solution 1: Clear cache from the browser

For Windows,

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. On the right corner, click the three-dot icon.
  3. Choose the “Clear browsing data” option from “More Tools”.
  4. Select the time range, tick cookies, and other data.
  5. Click the Clear Data Option.

For Mac,

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Move to Settings> Advanced > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data
  3. Select “All Time” from the options and tap on the “Clear Data” button.

For Ubuntu,

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Enter the following command-sudo rm -r ~/.config/google-chrome
  3. Reboot the system.

Solution 2: Update Widevine

  1. In the address bar of Google Chrome, enter the following- chrome://components
  2. At the bottom of the page locate the Widevine Content Decryption Module.
  3. Select the “Check for update” option.
  4. Restart the system and launch Netflix again.

Solution 3: Modify/Add the browser profile

  1. From the profile icon, choose the manage people option.
  2. Select the add person option and log in using a different profile.
  3. Navigate to the Menu bar and choose Settings.
  4. From People, click Turn OFF to disable sync.
  5. Sign in with your new profile and restart Chrome.

15. Netflix M7111-1331-4027 error

This error is mainly caused due to problems with the browser like bad cookies and cache. Sometimes certain Google extensions might conflict with the working of Netflix. Lastly, the server may be down as well. Before going with solutions, make sure you are logged in as an administrator.

Solution 1: Ensuring that your browser is supported

Netflix works seamlessly with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 37, Windows 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 58 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later (Mavericks)
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera as well as Safari(latest version).

Solution 2: Reinstall the Chrome

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.
  2. Select Google Chrome and choose to uninstall.
  3. Restart your computer and download the latest version of the browser.
  4. Complete the installation process and check if the problem persists.

Solution 3: Deactivate the Chrome extensions

  1. In the address bar of Google Chrome, enter the following “chrome://extensions”
  2. On the extensions page, turn off the slider left for each extension.
  3. Now, restart Google Chrome and try Netflix again.

16. Netflix M7121-1331-p7 error

Netflix m7121-1331-p7

This error is similar to the previous one, in the sense that it is a browser-related error. Follow the steps below to solve the problem.

Solution 1: Check the server status

If it’s a problem with the server, there is no use pondering over a solution as it is futile. To check the status of the server- Go to the official website of Netflix. If it is not a problem with the server, proceed with the other solutions.

Solution 2: Use HTML 5-enabled browser

If your browser has disabled HTML5, then it may affect the streaming. Hence, always go for a popular browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. If you are still facing the same, do as following:

  1. Install the latest version of HTML- HTML5
  2. The Google Chrome extensions might not be compatible with Netflix. Hence disabling them is a good idea.
  3. Keep your browser updated to the latest version.

Wrapping up,

Oh, finally! I just concluded a massive guide covering almost all possible Netflix errors along with solutions. Errors are something that we can’t control. Even after we solve all Netflix error codes, an entirely new error may pop up out of nowhere.

Anyway, if you’re facing any Netflix error which isn’t listed here, feel free to let us know via the comment section. And, you’re also invited to show your support by sharing this with needy ones. It will be really appreciated.

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