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Increase Internet Speed Upto 500 MB/S or More [Video Tutorial Added]

In the Recent Age of Technology, The Demand of Speedy Internet is Increasing More and More Day To Days. Therefore Here We Came With the Helpful Trick By Which You Can Increase Internet Speed Up to 500 MB/S or Even More.

It Won’t Increase Your Current Wifi/LAN Internet Speed, But Virtually You Can Surf With This Amazing Speed.

Seems Exciting ?

Here Is the Full Procedure of Tutorial Step By Step:

Step 1: First of All, Sing Up From Here.

Step 2: After Doing That, Choose Message Only.

Step 3: Further More You Need To Click On Rabbit Launchpad Which is At the Down Below At the Centre.

Step 4: Boom! You Gonna Using Super Speed Internet Even Though Have Slow or Medium Internet Connection.

Step 5: You Can Surf Anything Either From Provided URL Using Quicklinks Such As Youtube, Netflix, HBO etc.

  • Before Using It, You Need To Close All Background Running Softwares If You Experience Less Speed.
  •  You Can Not Download Using Rabbit Surfing, But You Can Watch High-Quality 1080p Videos On Youtube And Much More.
  • If  You Don’t Like Quality Of Image Which is Being Showing in Rabbit Site, Turn it From LD to HD.

If You Have Any Problem Regarding This Than Feel Free To Comment Here.


Article written by Milan

Hey, folks out there! This is Milan, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a computer & smartphone geek From Gujarat, India. He is a Bachelor in Engineering which helps him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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  1. Swapan Reply

    It didn’t increase speed although I followed your instructions.

  2. Kashyap Asavadiya Reply

    This article is good, it increased speed a bit.

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