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How To Activate Adsense On Youtube

Hey Guys, Most of you are not aware of how to activate Adsense on youtube. Yes, you read it right. You can activate Google AdSense with the use of youtube. Now don’t worry about making a blog, posting 5-10 posts in the blog and wait for the Google Adsense approval. You can do it yourself within 5 minutes. Sounds cool, Right? So follow the steps given below to activate Adsense on youtube.

Update: Youtube has updated their policy to monetize your channel via Adsense. Now, If your channel crosses 10,000 views from videos uploaded by you then only you can activate Adsense on that channel. Here, Youtube will monitor your channel and videos to check whether your channel is eligible for monetization or not. If your channel fulfills the requirements to be eligible for monetization then they will notify you about it. After that, you can monetize your videos and earn money from Youtube.


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