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How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog In Few Weeks?

After starting a new blog you gave enough time and effort for designing a perfect blog. After completing necessary to do list you start writing posts on your blog. You read on some popular blog to write post regularly, so you are writing posts daily. Still you are waiting to have a huge traffic on your blog? Are you disappointed with the search engine because it is not sending traffic on your blog? Are you having a big question mark why you are not getting traffic? Here is the trick to get the huge traffic on your blog in just few weeks.

how to drive huge traffic to your blog in few weeks

You must focus on SEO while writing your post. It means your content must be according to search engine optimization rules. You have to use proper keywords in the content. When you use keywords in the article search engine can find it easily when reader types those keywords in search engine. Quality of the content will determine the increase in your blog traffic.

  • Facebook

Facebook is a well known social media and as a blogger you can see Facebook as the platform for attracting your audience. You can create a page for your blog brand on Facebook. Write posts on Facebook to let people know what your blog contains. Update and share each of your new posts. Multiple shares can drive traffic to your blog easily. To get the complete advantage of the Facebook platform, you can use a tool called PostPlanner which will regularly post engaging contents on your Facebook brand page.

  • Twitter

Twitter again another social media which can help you to get the traffic. You can follow marketing strategies by using a Twitter account. It is not possible to elaborate your complete post in a twit. Each twit having a limit of 120 words make it impossible. You can add your post link in the twit so that followers can click on the link and turn to your blog. You should twit regularly. If you find content of others blog interesting and relevant to your blog content twit their link also. Use Twitshot to make it easy for you.

  • Commenting

Commenting is the best way of driving huge traffic within few weeks. You may see popular bloggers prefer this method. It is specially the easiest method for new bloggers. Comments give backlinks for your blog. You must always try to be the first commentator. First commentator gets most of the traffic. You should learn the art of commenting. Your comments have to be relevant and should have quality lines. Commenting on relevant blogs will help you to target the expected audience.

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If you are a beginner and want huge traffic on your blog overnight without efforts, let me clear you there is no shortcut for success. You have to give your valuable time to achieve the position you want. There are millions of competitors who are working hard to make their blog popular. you should keep on sweating till you ensure top position which you want.

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Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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  1. Helpnagaruntari Reply

    Hi Rachit,
    Nice Tips, It is most helpful to drive huge amount of traffic on blog.

  2. indianoverlook Reply

    Thank you for sharing this incredible post with us how i can rank my website more if you already have any post on that please share the link.

  3. sasi kumar Reply

    Great tips for newbie bloggers. Also i suggest reddit for drive traffic to blog and improve ranking

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      Thanks. Yes, Reddit also helps to drive huge traffic to blog and improve ranking.

  4. Mostafizur Rahman Reply

    Very helpful tips. But I have one question. For SEO how much keyword Density should I use or maintain?

    • Rachit Mangi Reply

      Thanks. You should maintain Keyword Density depend upon your article. You can target 2-3 main keyword with 2-3% KD each will help you for good SEO.

  5. Sasi Binu Reply

    Thanks for the quick methods, Am using social media to drive huge traffic to my blog. Use social media sites, It also helps search engine ranking.

  6. Basudev Reply

    Nice article bro , keep up

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