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How To Set Java Path in Windows 8/8.1/10

In the Real world, JAVA is now important language so, All of the developers being worked on JAVA programming language. Lot’s of people using JAVA Programming Language so, There is need set Java Path so, I put here the full tutorial for Set JAVA Path in Windows 8/8.1/10.

How to set Java Path in Windows 10

Note: If you have already installed JAVA or JDK in your machine then, skip Step 1 & 2

Step-1: Download JDK or JAVA from Its Official Site.

  1. Download JDK setup file by Click Here.
  2. After that accept License Agreement of that JDK setup file.
  3. Now, Install the JDK at the preferred location on your computer.

Step-2: Set the Environment Variable on your computer.

After completing Step-1 i.e. Installing JDK, start with this step.

  1. Click on My Computer, open System Properties.
  2. In System Properties, go to Advanced System Settings.
  3. After that go to Advanced tab.

Step-3: In Environment Variable Setting.

  • Click on TEMP in User variables.
  • Double click on Path in System variables.

  • Minimize it and go to the JDK path location. Which is located in your installed Drive. In my case, I installed  JDK in C drive.

  • After Copy into whenever Double Click There is Open Edit System Variables Dialog Box Paste This Path in Variable Value Box. and Then Press OK and Save the All Things.

Step-4: Check the JAVA Path is working or not.

  1. Open CMD (Command Prompt).
  2. In CMD write: java -version and press Enter.
  3. If you can see the version of Java then all is well.

If you can’t see it then you have to check everything again.

Article written by Kumar

Hey, folks out there! This is Kumar, administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a technology geek from Gujarat, India. He is a bachelor in Engineering that helped him in no way either. He is a Blockchain enthusiastic and fond of watching web series. :)

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