7 Best 360 Camera Apps For Android & iPhone

Technology is developing at a scary pace. If you are no slouch, then you would probably have heard of the 360 camera apps which let you take panoramic view photos. 2D photography is on the way out and 360 Degree photography literally offers an extra dimension to your pictures. You can go on virtual tours of places you never visited. Thereby you can cancel trips or tours depending on whether the place interests you. Panoramic photos are also invaluable in surveying or real-estate dealings.

Never have we been able to pack such amount of details in photos. It’s not necessary to buy special cameras for this purpose. There are high-quality apps which let you do the same. In this article, we will be looking at the 7 best 360 camera apps on the iOS and Android platforms which can meet your photography needs.


Top 7 360 Camera Apps | Best Panorama Apps

1. Panorama 360

360 camera apps

With more than 10 million downloads, The Panorama 360 is quite clearly favorite among users. The apps allows the capturing of both videos and photos. It operates in 3 modes-normal, manual, and real-time. The ease of use and nice user interface are other plus points. The app allows uploading the captured images to social media platforms like Facebook, Tumbler, and Twitter. Moreover, all this comes at free of cost.

2. Google Street View

The Google Street View is simple yet powerful. The app provides panoramic views of streets and places across the globe. Using the app you can capture photos and share it on social media. The app is a breeze to use. Most of the panoramic images are constructed using street view ready cameras, however, you can do it as well. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. An average rating of 4 stars suggests that you can’t go much wrong with the app. This has a definite position in best panorama app android list.

3. Roundme

The app aims at bringing high resolution 3-dimensional panoramic images through virtual reality. You have the option to create your own 360 content but you would need to use the Roundme web service. This apps allows you to explore all the spectacles of nature, distant cities, and landscapes. Through this app, you can get a panoramic view of any place on earth. The images are of superb quality with up to 65 pixels in multi-resolution. The app is currently Available for Android, iOS and on the web. The app can be downloaded free of cost.

4. Photaf Panorama Pro

The Photaf app simplifies the entire process of taking panoramic photos. With the help of the camera and the orientation sensor, the angle of each picture can be calculated. On moving the phone around you can view the panoramic view. Automatic image stitching is the technology in use here. The pro version includes an HD mode as well. The photos can also be shared with your friends.

5. Sphere 360

The Sphere 360 camera allows the users to view beautiful spheres from around the world. You can witness the beauty of Paris from the heights of a hot air balloon, enjoy the raft while approaching the Hubbard glacier and other exotic adventures. The project which started back in 2012 has won many tech awards. You can also publish your own sphere as well. The app is a freeware as well.

6. Photo 360° by Sfera


This app is unique in that there is no need for multiple pictures or other work for getting panoramic photos. The app also records the sound while capturing the images. Besides the ability to take 360 photos, another cool feature with this app is “Behind You” photo. It requires a front camera and gives a great shot of what’s behind us. You can also share your photos on Facebook and Twitter. Photo 360 camera app download makes capturing 360 photos easy.

7. FOV

Previously known as Photonomie, FOV is an iPhone exclusive app that shoots high-quality panoramic pictures. The working is fairly simple-when you start shooting, dots and target appear on the screen. You have to move the phone such that the dots fit into the target. Then click “Done” and your good to go. You can share the photo on the internet or save it in your phone.



With the exponential growth of technology which is expected to continue further, conventional photography methods and techniques are getting obsolete. Panoramic photography is what the future demands and in this article, we have provided you with 7 of the best 360 camera apps available. Keep visiting for such articles.

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