MP3Boo Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like MP3Boo

MP3Boo Alternatives: Music soothes us when we feel down in the gutters and what helps up rock our moments with our friends at the club. No matter what the mood, you will always find a tune for it. Maybe that’s why the demand for good quality music has been sky-rocketing lately.

If you have stumbled your way into this article, first and foremost it means that you are a music lover. and boy ain’t that great? Every music lover needs some source to constantly modify his playlist. You will get a ton of those from this article. The site MP3Boo is a great place to visit for every music enthusiast. But when the site becomes unavailable for one reason or the other people have to look for other places.

Well, we’ll help you with this article in the same way as we did in a previous article on Project Free TV Alternatives. You will know about 10 alternatives to MP3Boo and its features.

Why do we need MP3Boo alternatives?

Yeah, why? From what is known, MP3Boo is a site with tons of songs. You can download all your favorite songs and albums from this site for free. Further adding to that you don’t even need to register with the site to enjoy all its high-quality content. It sure does sound like a great site so what is even the point of this article?

Well, imagine how it would feel if the site was available only now and then. That’s the main drawback of this site. Because of the much-updated song list, the site gets blocked every now and then. This proves to be quite unfortunate to music junkies and to quench their thirst we need other alternatives.

Best Sites Like MP3Boo

You can find lots of sites like MP3Boo, but we have filtered out the best MP3Boo alternatives among them. Check them below one by one and lost in the cool music provided there.



This site is a great place to check out musical content. You can stream and download your favorite beats for free. Though sometimes it might prove cumbersome to find a free download. You also have to log in to download music. But this cool MP3Boo alternative provides great music from the best artists around the world. If you are a true music lover then you should definitely watch it once.

Website URL:https://soundcloud.com/

Features of SoundCloud:

  • You can stream a song before downloading it. This avoids the case where you end up downloading a fan version of the song.
  • Apart from some scenarios, it is pretty easy to download songs. 
  • For those of you aspiring to be musicians, you can upload your originals or your version of popular songs in this site. 
  • You can also share your songs with your friends.
  • A wide variety of content is available.



This site and app have been very popular recently. The site makes use of Creative Commons licensing. This means that the original artists of the songs are giving away their creations for free for the people. This site only offers downloads in MP3 format and the user will need an account to proceed with the site or app.

Website URL:https://www.jamendo.com/

Features of Jamendo:

  • There are multiple ways to search for your favorite beats.
  • There is an online radio function.
  • You can stream music online too.
  • It is available as both site and app under iOS, Windows and Android platforms.
  • It has a filter that adds the latest music released under it.



Bandcamp has a feature that’s rare among music downloading sites. Artists can share their songs using a “name your price” option. This allows the user to purchase it at any price he desires, even zero. But there are several songs that have a minimum price too. The good thing is that you can support the artist of the music by buying the song/album directly. This is an ideal site like Mp3boo.

Website URL:https://bandcamp.com/

Features of Bandcamp:

  • You can download either a single song or entire albums.
  • You don’t need an account to access its services.
  • If you want then you can get free downloads.
  • There is some content that is very difficult to get your hands on. You won’t find them on other sites.
  • There is a discover page that shows the best selling and recommended songs.



This site is similar to Soundcloud. This site is legal and you are free to stream a large collection of songs. Free downloads are not always a promise. That decision rests with the artists. You can search the music by trending, top songs, top albums, playlist, etc. I must say that they provide very good songs to listen to.

Website URL:https://audiomack.com/

Features of Audiomack:

  • All the songs in its collections are streamable.
  • You don’t need a user account to use the site.
  • The app is also available for Android and iOS users.
  • There are multiples of filters and ways to browse.
  • Newly released songs are easy to locate.



Yet another legal way to download thousands of free music files. You would be asked your email ID and zip code before you can download any content. But no such things are required to stream music. You can filter the music by genre like jazz, rock, pop, electronic, classical, rap, etc. Overall you can say that it’s a good MP3boo alternative.

Website URL:http://noisetrade.com/

Features of NoiseTrade:

  • It has a provision that allows the user to give tips to the artist.
  • You can easily download songs as well as an entire album.
  • Free eBooks and audiobooks are available for download.
  • You can hear the song before downloading it.
  • New albums uploaded are shown on the home screen.



Like many other mp3boo alternatives on this list, this site also provides lots of content. This is possible due to artists who want people to enjoy their work for free. There are both signed and unsigned artists donating their work. You can support the artist by buying their music.

Website URL:https://www.soundclick.com/

Features of SoundClick:

  • You don’t need to sign in to download files.
  • Users can create custom radio stations on SoundClick.
  • In the case of content that is not free, you can get deals and discounts on downloads.
  • This site also has songs categorized into various genres like rock, acoustic, pop, hip-hop, urban, etc..
  • Through forums, you can interact with other listeners.



When you are here you are only one click away from your downloads. That is the great feature of this site. It has a great ergonomic quality. Apart from that, it has pages of free content waiting for you to download. You can listen to the most liked music worldwide today. The site is available in many languages. It’s a really good alternative site like MP3boo.

Website URL:https://www.last.fm/

Features of the Last.fm:

  • You can download a file with a single click.
  • You don’t need an account.
  • Music is categorized into several genres.
  • You will get recommendations.
  • You can download the latest songs through the “new releases” category.

MP3 Juices

MP3 Juices

This site has a collection containing millions of songs. The site has a distinct advantage that it has both download options and also the option to save music to your Dropbox, Google Drive and so on. The site also has a great design. The user interface of this site is really good.

Website URL:https://www.mp3juices.site/

Features of MP3 Juices:

  • This site allows very fast downloads.
  • The site is available to old web browsers too.
  • It has libraries based on language and region.
  • The music file can be saved in different formats.
  • Music files can be saved using different methods.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

This is a legally safe way to download music for free. It is a combination of Creative Commons licenses and public domain. If you wish to create your own collection and interact with other people like you, you can do it by creating an account that too for free. But the site only has MP3 format content. It is one of the good site to download music albums for free.

Website URL:https://freemusicarchive.org/

Features of Free Music Archive:

  • You don’t necessarily need an account to download content.
  • Here, you can stream the file before downloading it.
  • Songs are arranged into several genres.
  • It provides popular music of the week, month and all time.
  • You can interact with other listeners.

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

Audio Archive from Internet Archive

Here you can find millions of files. There might be free downloads of music, podcasts, radio programs and so on available. There are several ways to sort the available content. This site actually provides content from websites that are dead. This means that you can find recordings of old music, radio shows, poetry reading, and even original music.

Website URL:https://archive.org/details/audio

Features of Internet Archive’s Audio Archive:

  • Music files can be downloaded in many formats.
  • Like many alternatives on this list, you don’t need a user account to download free music content.
  • There are multitudes of sorting and filtering options.
  • You can hear the song before downloading it.
  • This site probably has the biggest collection of music.


In this new age, the popularity and reach of music have increased tremendously. People are looking for free sources of music too. Mp3boo is one such site. But because the site gets blocked from time to time there is a need to look for mp3boo alternatives. I hope you have found a similar site like Mp3boo now. If you found this article useful, below are the share buttons.

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