CYRO.SE Alternatives: 8 Best Sites Like CYRO.SE Movies

CYRO.SE Alternatives: These days, movies and TV shows have a great place in people’s hearts. Whether it be watching a rom-com with your significant other while cuddling under a blanket or watching StarWars for the 50th time with your fellow nerds or tuning in to the home alone with your family on Thanksgiving. Movies and TV shows are pretty glued to many fine memories of ours. And that is pretty much where a site like Cyro.se helped a lot of people.

What is CYRO.SE?

Cyro.se is basically an online hub where you can watch all your favorite movies and shows. The best part about it was that all of its content was free. And that was quite a treat since you could choose from tons and tons of content. It’s like a Christmas morning that you get every day.

Why do we need Cyro.se Alternatives?

That is a fair question. If Cyro.se is such a great site then why do we need alternatives for it? Well, the thing is that the site was taken down due to penalties. They did give away free content without the consent of some of the creators. And it does not seem that the site will come back anywhere in the foreseeable future. That’s why we need sites like cyro.se to watch movies and series online.

Best Sites Like CYRO.SE Movies

You may find lots of websites like cyro.se movies. But we won’t list them all to lengthen the article. Yes, we care about our readers. So, listing only the best cyro.se alternatives with their unique features.



You can say that TopNow.se is the mirror site of Cyro.se website. You will not feel any difference between Cyro.se and TopNow.se website. That’s why it deserves to be on top of the list of movie sites like CYRO.SE

Website URL:http://topnow.se

Features of TopNow.se:

  • It provides multiple links for all content.
  • The user interface is very simple.
  • You can watch or download movies and TV series in HD quality.
  • It doesn’t have any ads or popups. It’s totally free.
  • The genre-wise navigation menu is wonderful.

G2G Movies

G2G Movies

It is one of the first sites that comes into mind while talking about alternatives for Cyro.se site. The site has its fair share of users. The site deserves it too and is not short on content for you to watch for years.

Website URL:https://g2gmovies.com

Features of G2G Movies:

  • You can watch all your favorite content in HD quality.
  • It has a vast library with a wide variety of movies.
  • The site has a great design. It is organized pretty well.
  • The site is pretty easy to use. Designed for people of all ages.
  • New movies are updated very quickly.



BMovies certainly is worthy of being a Cyro.se alternative. The site is great and is packed with many great features. This one is well worth a try for all the movie lovers out there.

Website URL:https://bmovies.co

Features of BMovies:

  • It allows the user to access both Movies and TV shows.
  • The site offers its content in high resolution which gives you a better experience.
  • You can download your favorite content.
  • A country based classification of movies and shows is available on the site.
  • One of the classifications includes a section with top IMDb rated movies.



CMovies is a site that is very similar to BMovies. But it can be used instead of Cyro.se too none the less. Checking out this one will definitely won’t be a waste of your time.

Website URL:https://cmovies.me

Features of CMovies:

  • Thousands of movies and TV shows are available on this site.
  • There is a classification based on the year of release of movies.
  • The blog section of the site is somewhat of a unique feature. You don’t get to see that everywhere.
  • You can download stuff from the site with great ease.
  • The site has an overall ergonomic design.

Series Free TV

Series Free TV

Series Free TV has made a huge name for itself with its huge libraries and clever site design. It has done a good job of making a lot of users happy. So, you can say it’s a good cyro.se alternative.

Website URL:https://seriesfreetv.com

Features of Series Free TV:

  • The UI of the site is user-friendly.
  • You get access to both TV shows and movies.
  • When it comes to shows, each new episode is uploaded as soon as it becomes available.
  • You can also download and not just watch stuff.
  • The database is the best one when it comes to Hollywood movies and shows.

MegaboxHD App

Megabox HD

Unlike all the other contenders on this list, this one is an app. It means that you can use it on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter which OS your smartphone has – Android or iOS. That is one big advantage. It’s a good app for watching movies and TV shows online for free.

Website URL:https://megaboxhdofficial.com

Features of Megabox HD:

  • You can use it on smartphones. Since it is an app.
  • There is no need for you to sign in to enjoy its services.
  • The app is completely ad-free and so it does not irritate you.
  • You can watch HD movies and TV shows anywhere.
  • You can add movies in the calendar to watch them later.

HD Popcorns

HD Popcorns

One of the biggest sites in this list, HD Popcorns is used by millions of people. But it is no surprise considering the site’s versatility. That’s why you can say it’s one of the best cyro.se alternatives.

Website URL:https://hdpopcorns.blue/

Features of HD Popcorns:

  • The search bar on the homepage gives better results when compared to those of other sites.
  • The shows and movies are available even in 480p and 720p.
  • Though you can also get these in HD qualities as the name of the site suggests.
  • Not to mention all the stuff on the site is absolutely free.
  • The site is good for searching other movies that have an origin other than Hollywood. Such as Bollywood.



Quick confession, PureFlix isn’t a free site but it is worth a mention. The site provides great services and has a wide range of content to choose from. One of the best paid website to watch movies and TV shows online.

Website URL:https://www.pureflix.com

Features of PureFlix:

  • Even though it is a paid site, it does give you a one-month free trial.
  • The cost of the site for subscription is actually pretty reasonable.
  • The site is completely legal so you don’t worry about anything law related.
  • The site has a slick design and is pretty easy to navigate.
  • It is supported over a great range of devices like smart TVs and media players.


Movies and shows do seem like a basic human right in this day and age. There are a lot of ways through which people watch streaming content these days. But nothing is more relaxing than watching a movie in front of your PC, in the comfort of your home. Cyro.se is one of those sites that lets you stream online. Though the site is no longer available, there are many sites that can serve as cyro.se alternatives. That’s what the article is about. So, enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV series with sites like cyro.se

Article written by Rachit Mangi

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