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What the Future Holds for Smart Homes in 2022?

We are swiftly moving from simple automation and home implementation to a more integrated and specifically futuristic technological look in our homes. Moving into 2018 will see us move forward with the technological impetus that has begun with Amazon Alexa and voice commands to control our home automation, among other things. We will see individual systems being subsumed into all-encompassing systems which can control everything.

Home automation and motion systems have always been about convenience and making life easier for people in their own homes. The biggest problem we currently have in this endeavour is the difficulties of integrating all technology – the ultimate aim is to have people able to control their homes from one single piece of equipment for maximum potential.

Smart Home


More and more providers are coming up with their own hubs – centers for the home which connect to all the home automation and allow homeowners to interact with it. Different hubs do different things and come with different programmes. Some hubs come with the potential for being connected to any and all home automation, while others come with the limitation of only being able to connect to their own equipment.

Some hubs also come as part of a kit, which can be helpful for people who are just getting into home automation, while others can allow for other automation to be added after the hub has been installed.

The future of home automation will be following the integration trends, making sure that every household is as connected as possible, as easily as possible. This integration will possibly move from being physically based to being entirely dependent on other factors. Hubs are also possibly going to be moving towards integrating patterns and choices into themselves, to offer homeowners a greater variety of choice in what they want to be done in their homes.

Smart Home Technology

Decorative Gadgets

We have seen some of this already, but more and more of our home automation is being designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. When thinking about how TV lifts work, originally they were simply functional; they weren’t designed with aesthetics in mind. Now, more and more gadgets and automation is now designed to blend into a home, and look like something that would normally be found in a home.

The future will show us more home automation which looks as though it is part of the décor of a home – we’ve already seen this being used when it comes to cameras of all kinds – the advancement of technology means that their range and movement ability has increased, and so they are capable of doing their jobs in whatever automated system they are part of from more discreet locations.

While security cameras are an outlier in terms of their efficiency being highlighted by their ability to blend in, more and more people are looking to have home automation which does not stand out as home automation, and in fact looks like the rest of the décor. This move towards discretion could be for a number of reasons: we now have the technology to make home automation look like everyday household objects rather than standing out, so more people want it. Home automation is now at the point that it can be made more discreetly since we are so far advanced in the technological department that technology can now be small and easily hidden – this means that it can be more easily disguised. Finally, since we are now moving towards hubs as a centralized method of controlling our home automation, we are moving away from having obtrusive control panels and switches everywhere – the lack of technology makes the few pieces that are still visible that much easier to hide. Construction site safety management software will revolutionalize the way we determine safety utilizing gathered data.

Smart Home Inside Look

Smart Home Security

Security has been a worry since hubs and centralized home automation began to rise in popularity. It was very difficult for people to accurately and easily provide the security needed for the otherwise unprotected streams of information which stretch between a centralized hub and the pieces of home automation which the homeowner owned and used on a daily basis. Security is a huge issue for home automation, because of the potential for people to learn everything about a home, and the people living in it. More involved hackers might also be able to begin controlling the technology itself, being able to hack the automation to such an extent that they could take it over.

The future of home automation in this area is to make it safer for people to use, and more secure from outside influences such as hackers or burglars. This will involve strengthening the firewalls surrounding the home automation which is already in existence, as well as educating homeowners and buyers on proper security protocols, such as changing passwords from the factory settings, and how to use those passwords to keep things safe. The safety of homeowners will continue to be a priority for companies.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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  1. Lucy Gibson Reply

    I love how you pointed out that today’s home automation can look and match the rest of your home’s decor. I think it’s great that these types of things can be hidden and they’re small. My husband and I would love to have a more energy efficient home. Installing smart home technologies might help us achieve that, in addition to the convenience.

  2. Neil Dimapilis Reply

    I agree with this “home automation in this area is to make it safer for people to use, and more secure from outside influences” The digital world is such a scary place right now and being safe and cautions can never be wrong or won’t hurt anyone. it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

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