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Windows 10 is a most powerful operating system ever produced by Microsoft. It was released earlier in July 29th 2015 and gained much popularity among windows lovers. As always, Microsoft came up with a big bang that means they came with great innovative features of windows 10. If you haven’t still installed windows 10, you can Download Windows 10 iso With Free Product Keys 2017. We have found some windows 10 tips tricks that would really help you check out below.

Windows 10 Tips Tricks Hacks


Save maps offline in Windows 10

The map app of Windows 10 can also save card data offline. Especially if you want to take this for example on a tablet within the car is useful, it relieves nevertheless the mobile Internet connection.

To save maps locally, click the gear icon in the left column, then click “Download or update maps”. Then go to “Download map” and select the desired section. There are continents, countries, and regions such as, for example, the federal states.

Turn on tablet mode manually in Windows 10

The new tablet mode is intended to facilitate the switch between the use of Windows with and without a keyboard. You can also use it without a tablet. This allows you to enjoy full-screen apps and a Windows 8 start menu that covers the entire screen. To do so, open the notification center by clicking the balloon icon to the left of the time display in the taskbar. At the bottom of the notification center, you’ll find a button that lets you turntable.

Start menu in fullscreen mode in windows 10

If you just look at a full-screen start menu, then it goes without the Tablet mode. To do this, click on “Start \ Settings \ Personalization”. In the “Startup Behaviors” section, select “Show the Home on the Desktop in Full Screen”. For devices with a display smaller than 10 inches, the Start menu will automatically work in full-screen mode

Customize the contents of the Start menu in Windows 10

You can also customize the content and size of the “Live Tiles” tiles in the Start menu to suit your taste. A simple, right mouse click on one of the tiles is enough. But sometimes an error occurs that windows 10 start Menu and cortana not working but there are some methods to get it done.

Customize the appearance in windows 10

Since Build 10061, Windows has a series of new settings that allow you to customize the colors of the Taskbar, Start menu and Suchfeld. Click on “Settings \ Personalization \ Colors”. With the first setting “Automatically pick an accent color from my background”, Windows prompts you to automatically select colors matching the background image. “Show color on start, taskbar and action center” takes the color into the start menu, the color bar, and the notification center. The third option “Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent” gives the mentioned components a slight transparency effect.

More space on the SSD in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 installed over an older Windows, it will waste unnecessary space. Especially on SSDs, where space is still expensive, this does not have to be. To get rid of the old Windows, search for the keyword “Disk Space”, and then click “Clear space by deleting unnecessary files”. In the following window, check “Previous Windows installation” and confirm with “OK”.

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