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Top 8 Reasons to Get Cisco CCNA Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate, abbreviated as CCNA, is a category of the associate-level networking career certification process offered to the early-career networking experts by Cisco.

The CCNA certification comes second after the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) credential making it the second level of accreditation in the line of five. After the Cisco CCNA certificate, the networking professionals can proceed to the CCNP certification (Cisco Certified Network Professional), which is the third level of accreditation.

The Cisco CCNA certification verifies the ability of a technician to set up, install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot a medium-sized switched and routed computer network. It also certifies one’s ability as a technician to implement connections and check the same to the wider area network.

This certification benefits both employers and employees. It also helps anyone who has been in networking for many years and still feels the need to further his or her career in networking. The CCNA certification benefits all networking professionals. Whether you already have a degree in networking and you have around 10 years of experience, you still need to prepare properly and use the Cisco CCNA test questions to get the qualification, especially if you want to further your networking career. The credential can boost your knowledge a great deal, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Reasons to Get Cisco CCNA Certificate

Why Should You Obtain Cisco CCNA Certification?

Like many other people in the networking industry out there, you must be asking yourself why you should get this Cisco credential. You should understand that being a CCNA certified specialist comes with numerous benefits that will definitely enhance the level of your expertise. Here are some of the top reasons you should get the CCNA certification.

  1. Great Knowledge

To get the Cisco CCNA certification, you must take and pass the required exam. Before you can take this examination, you will have to learn everything included in the CCNA course outline. This means that you will gain a clear understanding of various concepts that this certification entails, and this will greatly boost your knowledge.

Again, you are required to have some working experience in the IT industry for you to take this course. A good thing is the Cisco CCNA course blends practical scenarios with technical skills making it possible for you to get an actual insight to the server side of both networking and support.

  1. Increase of Employability

Having the CCNA credential in your Curriculum Vitae will put you on a higher scale in the eyes of employers. If the employers see that you have the Cisco knowledge, chances that they will consider you for an IT position will be very high. After all, you will definitely be able to take the knowledge you acquired when taking the CCNA certificate to the tech industry.

Having the Cisco CCNA certification demonstrates that you have the great knowledge and confidence. And as you know, it creates the great opportunities. What’s more, taking the CCNA credential shows your potential employers that you have a determination to progress. This makes you the type of employee which is looking for by HR managers.

  1. Career Developments

Getting the Cisco CCNA credential can enhance your career development. With the CCNA knowledge, you stand a higher chance of climbing up the ladder. With this behind you, there is no way you are going to remain in the same position of the hierarchy. In other words, you stand a chance of getting a promotion at your current company, or you can also apply for a better position elsewhere.

  1. Valuable Asset to the Company

As mentioned before, most employers prefer recruiting people who already have the Cisco CCNA certification. When you get this certificate, it clearly shows your employers that you have expanded your knowledge and skills, which can be very beneficial to their company.

As you know, the tech industry has become highly competitive, dynamic and ever increasing. So, when you get the Cisco CCNA credential, you will have the updated knowledge that can enable you to help the company keep up with the tech trends. In other words, you become a great asset to the company you are working for.

  1. Personal Satisfaction

When you get the CCNA certification, you will have a very great feeling about yourself. When you see all that you have already achieved within a short time, and you can prove it to yourself and to anyone who cares to see your CV or try your knowledge, you will definitely feel good about yourself.

When you know you have the main key to great opportunities, you will feel good about your achievement and yourself. Getting this certificate presents you a new path to achieving your full potential in the tech industry.

  1. Expansion of Career Options

The tech industry covers many different aspects. You might find it difficult to know or choose your options. Getting the Cisco CCNA credential will help you a great deal because it broadens your career options. The tech industry is experiencing an acute shortage of people with the necessary skills. This Cisco certification will impact you with the relevant qualification that will help in kick-starting your career because it will impact on you the most recent skills that are in high demand in the IT field.

  1. Salary Increment

When you get the Cisco CCNA certificate, you will be positioning yourself as a qualified employee for a salary increment. Of course, people working in the tech industry earn good money. However, if you want to earn even more, then you should take the CCNA credential. In this industry, the more knowledge you have, the more qualified you become, and this is what increases your chances of climbing up the IT ladder. The higher you move along the ladder, the more salary you will earn.

  1. Stepping Stone to Other Certifications

Getting the CCNA certificate will allow you to get other three Cisco qualifications and much more. For instance, you will be eligible to take the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) level, the CCNA Wireless, or the CCNA Security credentials.

The Cisco CCNA certification was launched in 1998. Since then, it has remained a highly valued IT credential in the entire IT industry. Because it is recognized globally, being certified will help you progress in your IT career.

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