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8 Smartphone Usage Rules That Will Make You A Better Person

The world of smartphones can be called a virtual world, and if someone is lost in this world, he doesn’t care about what is happening around him. This virtual world is so enchanting that one finds it extremely difficult and struggling to pay attention to his surroundings. This can also be called smartphone addiction which can have severe consequences; for instance lack of social interactions and a reduced productivity in work.

This leads many people to believe that technology itself is a bad thing, and is causing more harm than benefits. These people are unable to understand that we being human also have some responsibilities and if we acknowledge them, we can use technology in a far better way. The persons, who are addicted to smartphones, break all rules of responsibility and blame technology instead of their own habits.

It’s not just a matter of concern for individual people rather it should be taken seriously by everyone because everyone is entrapped in this virtual reality of smartphones. When you go to public places, have a look around you and you will notice that everyone is busy using their smartphones. The panic in the people is worth watching when sometimes they are unable to locate their smartphone.

If you set some rules for you and make some goals, and if you use your smartphone in a responsible manner, you can certainly be a better person.

Here is a list of 8 smartphone usage rules that will make you a better person.

Pick Important Calls

When the mobile phones were first invented, the main purpose of these mobile phones was to make and receive phone calls. Texting and Messaging were additional features which came second to making and receiving calls. As the technology is making more and more progress, the main purpose is also changed.

Nowadays, people don’t buy smartphones for making or receiving calls – they know they will make and receive calls, but they take this feature for granted – but for browsing, gaming and other activities. All these developed and secondary activities minimized the paramount usage of smartphones which is receiving or making calls.

Today, when somebody calls us, and if we are busy in doing other things like playing games or listening music, we rather ignore the person and think that we would call this man back after some time. This is not a good habit; if someone is calling you to discuss something important with you, you should pick his calls.

Pick Important Calls

Avoid Obsessive Browsing

Internet addiction should also be taken seriously because it will consume lots of your time and you won’t even realize it. A person who is so accustomed to using the internet all the times will find it extremely difficult to spend some time without internet connection. Like technology, internet surfing isn’t a bad thing in itself, rather the way how we use it can be good or bad.

If you are using the internet for study or research purposes, it isn’t bad thing at all. At the same time, using the internet for getting access to social media services for some time on a daily basis isn’t a bad thing also because a man also needs some enjoyment. But, if you spend hours on daily basis for useless and unproductive surfing on the internet, then you should change this habit.

Avoid Obsessive Browsing

Don’t Play Games All the Time

Games are the important feature of modern smartphones, and most users even buy smartphones keeping in mind the games compatibility. Games are so addictive that you can play games all day long without realizing that you have wasted a very precious time of your life that you could use for more constructive purposes.

Playing games all the times also have disadvantages. Here, by constantly looking at smartphones with full brightness for playing games can cause serious eyesight problems. In a similar manner, you are cut off from the world when you are playing games. You can play games for a specific time which you can set for yourself depending how much time you can spare. You should play games only in that set time.

Don’t Play Games All The Time

Setting a Time Limit

Smartphones offer you so many activities – games, apps, music, the internet and much more – that you can compromise your sleep forever. Using smartphones late at night at the cost of your sleep can have severe health consequences. You won’t feel relaxed in the morning and thus won’t be able to perform your duties well.

The best option to avoid this unlimited usage of smartphones is that you should set a time limit. You should decide that after a specific time in the night, you won’t use your smartphone no matter what. You should not use your smartphone early in the morning as well because even if you are fresh after a good night’s sleep, your mind will again be entangled in so many notifications.

Setting A Time Limit

Don’t Photograph & Share Everything

Don’t just look at the world with your tiny camera lens; the world is far better than that. Most people are obsessed with taking pictures of each and everything they see and consequently, miss the present moment. There are also people who are so obsessed with sharing all their experiences – whatever they see or listen – on the social media services. This isn’t a right thing to do because when you do so, you are doing it at the cost of your own satisfaction available to you if you see the world with your own eyes with a conscious mind without any camera intervention.

There is this latest trending on social media services that whatever you do, you share it with all your friends – what you eat, what you wear, where you go. These things will consume lots of your time as well as you will lose few of the finest moments of your life. Using a professional camera can also help. It will capture quality pictures, and you will only take photos when you have your camera with you, and that will save you from taking pictures all the time on your smartphone. If you don’t have any professional camera, you can explore many cameras on Groupon and you may get a discount by using coupons at checkout.

Don’t Photograph & Share Everything

Don’t Ignore People

Ignoring people by using your smartphones is the worst thing you can do, because when you ignore someone, it hurts his feelings. The person you are ignoring might develop a sense of contempt or hatred towards you. Ignoring people in favor of your smartphones can also spark many relationship clashes. If you are on a date, and instead of talking to your partner you are continuously looking at your smartphone screen, you partner might feel insulted and it is possible that she would leave right away.

We not only ignore people on specific instances but all the time. We ignore waiters and other working personnel in hotels. Whenever we are in line to buy something, we make good use of this time and start talking to someone on our phones. But we must realize that when our turn comes, we must pause the call for a minute or two and order whatever we want; but we do quite the opposite. We make gestures to waiters while at the same time talking on the phone.

Don’t Ignore People

Don’t Text Insulting Messages

It is very easy to write insulting words and messages than to speak them open to the public or in front of somebody. Therefore people are more likely to use insulting remarks when they are writing a message or commenting on something. To avoid this, you must have a little patience. Abusing something, or writing bad of something won’t change anything; the only thing that will be changed is your own reputation.

We use abusing remarks whenever we are commenting on something on the internet because of anonymity. Do not do such things even when you know your status is anonymous. Try to avoid all those things that you think you won’t dare to say on anybody’s face.

Don’t Text Insulting Messages

Never Shout While Talking

When you are talking on your mobile phone, never speak too loud, let alone shouting. People, who keep on shouting whenever talking to somebody, are considered rude, and even rude callers don’t like other rude callers. Try your best to avoid talking in public, and if it is very important, try to keep your voice low, so that you aren’t disturbing anybody else around you.

Never Shout While Talking

So, We have discussed 8 smartphone usage rules that will make you a better person. We hope that you like this article. If you have any other smartphone usage rules that will help people to be a better person then you can share it via comment down. We will amaze to hear such things from your side.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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