How To Use mAadhaar App To Save Aadhaar Card in Mobile

Aadhaar Card On Mobile - mAadhaar

While the entire India is turning digital, UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India has digitized the Aadhaar cards. No need to carry the Aadhaar card hardcopy. Go smart, go digital with the mAadhaar App. The mAadhaar App will be able to store all your demographic details linked via the Aadhaar card. Your Name, address, mobile number, Date of Birth, Gender and the photograph, this App will hold all your data.

mAadhaar App can be downloaded like any other App from the Google Play store. Good News!! The mAadhaar App will be launched soon in Apple stores soon as announced by UIDAI.

What are the benefits of using mAadhaar App?

Benefits of using mAadhaar App

mAadhaar App has been launched by UIDAI keeping in mind its various benefits to Indian citizens. Let us checkout the primary benefits:

  • mAadhaar App holds your profile and the demographic data like name, Date of Birth, Gender & Address along with a photograph. All this data is in sync with your UIDAI approved Aadhaar card. This App is a convenient way to carry your identification and address proofs on your smart Phone.
  • Security of all the sensitive information has been kept at priority with the mAadhaar App. With the advanced Biometric lock and unlock feature it is a completely safe App.
  • Time-based One-Time Password is an automatically generated. You can use the temporary password in place of the OTP you receive in the SMS.
  • If you apply for any update or correction on your Aadhaar card, the App will automatically sync with the updated information once the update is completed. That means You can check aadhar card status in the app.
  • All you need to do is scan the QR code of your Aadhaar card to retrieve all the Aadhaar demographic details in you mAadhar App.
  • You can share your eKYC information with any other service provider
  • You also check the Aadhaar Card Correction / Update Name, Address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth through Online Mode.

How To Use mAadhaar App To Save Aadhaar Card in Mobile?

mAadhaar App will be fully functional for you only when you set it up to your Aadhaar card information:

mAadhaar App Download

  • Download the mAadhaar App from the Google Play store. Be sure that you download the official App by UIDAI only.
  • When you launch the App it will ask you to set up the alphanumeric password. Set up the password according to the norms of the App.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number or scan your QR code into the App to Sync the App data with your Aadhaar card.
  • Make sure the App is downloaded on the phone that has your Aadhaar registered SIM card. The App will not take the manual entry of the OTP, it will automatically take the OTP from the SMS. This is why having your registered mobile SIM should be in the same phone.
  • Once the OTP is verified, your profile with photograph will be updated in the App. You can check your details by entering the password set up initially.

Note: Make sure your internet connection is active while the App is retrieving your Aadhaar card information. The biometrics unlock will take sometime after the Aadhaar card QR code is scanned or the Aadhaar number is updated.

mAadhaar App has been optimized and holds some unique features too. Although still in Beta state, some of the features have not been announced yet.

Unique Features of Aadhaar App:

  • One Aadhaar App can hold the profile of 3 Aadhaar card holders out of your family members who have the same mobile number linked to their Aadhaar card.
  • If you use the same SIM to set up mAadhaar App for same profile in a different phone, the profile will be automatically deleted from the previous phone.
  • The mAadhaar App has language options. Right now you can choose Hindi or English. Soon it is going to be launched in other Indian languages too.

Is it safe?

UIDAI values the safety of all your sensitive information. That is the reason the App has been integrated with an alphanumeric password and Biometric lock/unlock feature. You can use the Biometric feature for enhanced security or you can disable it. Do not share your alphanumeric password with anyone.

In case you lost your phone or its stolen take an immediate action and block the registered mobile number. This will disable the mAadhaar App and all your information will be safe.

If you face any issues with set up, uninstall and re-install the App and set up you Aadhaar information again.

Note:  mAadhaar App has been accepted by Indian Railways as a valid proof of identity while traveling.

If you face any issues with the App that is not resolved post being re-installed you can raise the issue or query at [email protected].

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    Importance of linking: Linking of Aadhaar to your account, ensures getting direct benefits like LPG subsidy and digital life certificate for pensioners.

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