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Deep Web vs Dark Web: What Is The Difference?

A number of people are often confused between the deep web and the dark web. A few of them even consider both as the same. But, there are a few differences between the two. So, to remove such confusions from the minds of people, we have brought forward a brief guide that will help the users to distinguish between the two and help them gain a good knowledge about the deep and the dark web.

Deep Web vs Dark Web

Meaning of Deep Web vs Dark Web

As we continue to discuss the topic – Deep Web vs Dark Web, the biggest difference between the two can be easily spotted from the meaning itself. The deep web is the unexplored part of the internet that constitutes of more than 90% of the internet. This part of the internet is usually kept hidden as the conventional search engines don’t have the algorithms to crawl this part.

The dark web is the part of the deep web which is intentionally hidden using the masked IP address and can only be accessed using some special browser.

The composition of the Internet

The deep web captures the major portion of the web having a huge database of information that is hidden in the raw format separate places. This content can either be illegal or is the type of content which is kept hidden from the users to maintain privacy.

The users who prefer buying drugs, child porn, weapons, or illicit services on the internet are typically looking to access the deep web safely.

Information available on Web

When discussing the topic Deep web vs Dark web, one should not miss talking about the information available on both the webs. The deep web majorly comprises of information like research & development material, restricted government material, images crawled from social media accounts, and much more such stuff.

Dark web is the place where all the data you find is totally illegal. It is the home to all the illicit activities that you can ever dream of. Here, a user can buy drugs, hire hackers, order assassins, get child porn, and get involved in all the illegal activities that are the crime.

Purpose of Creating the Web

The deep web is created to store the information that cannot be accessed by all the people around the globe. The information can be bank account holder names and details, research material, government releases and many such data that must not come in front of just everyone.

On the other hand, the dark web comprises of the information or the products which are completely illegal and harmful to the society. So, no matter why the person accesses the dark web, the information stored there is harmful to everyone.

Chargeability on the Web

The information which is available on the deep web is accessible by the users if they are making use of some special browsers or search engines. Most of the information available on the deep web can be accessed for free.

However, if the people are looking to access the dark net should be ready to spend money. You will be using a special browser to access the website that are providing services. If you opt for the service, you need to pay for it.

Size of the Web

So far, the users might have learned that the deep web comprises of more than 90% of the internet, Hence, it is next to impossible to find the size of the deep web or to give its estimate. All one can say that is the major portion of the web is the deep web.

It is estimated that the dark web is 1000 times smaller than the actual size of the deep web. But, the internet database is growing quickly and the size of the web is increasing rapidly. It will not be fair to give a rough estimate about the size of both the webs.


The deep web requires the users to make use of special deep web browsers which can help them access the hidden portion of the web without any security breach.

The dark web must be accessed with the help of TOR. The Tor client sets up special network configurations for the users to access the dark web with safety measures keeping in mind.

Over to You

So, the above piece of content informed us about the major differences between the deep web and the dark web. It is the time to end the debate Deep web vs Dark web here itself. Hope you have gathered enough knowledge about the two and now can easily differentiate between them. Deep web being the bigger part of the internet is really huge while the deep web is 1000 times smaller than it. It is required to access the web taking security measures.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

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