A Customized Uber App Clone Just For You

With the growing demand for creative and friendly Apps, new Apps are flowing all over the market in countries all over the world. It does raise a general question as to how these apps work over a wide range of products with a single platform. It also raises thoughts on the efficacy of the app and related cost factors and its compatibility with the latest technical gadgets and much more. Most importantly how can it work for you? There are three possible ways it can not only help you but serve you better, namely

  • If you are a young entrepreneur who intends to initiate or start up his own On Demand economy boom
  • If you are a businessman who wants to use Uber to boom his or her business operation and provide relaxation and comfort to their clients or customers.
  • If you are a consultant or an advisor or part of a developing firm who intends to have a customized Uber app clone as a product and sell it or deliver it to their client as a complete white label solution.

Then in this scenario, the Uber clone Script is a complete white label product enclosed in a nutshell. The developer would do everything for you including setting up a scalable server, building up a strong admin control panel, designing and installing web Apps for your users, recompile and float Apps like the iOS and Android for your customer and subscribers. They will even change the logo and do other customizations that are suitable for you and your brand, giving you the complete control over the business and setting up the entire network for you in your brand, that too at a very reasonable price.

Customised Uber App Clone

How does the Uber app clone script help you create apps like Uber?

The entire Script involves three basic operation modules for three main users of the App. So who are the three main users? And they are, first the customer who uses the services, second is the person who provides the service and third is the admin, which is you.

So what does the script provide for these three users?

The script for the customer would include the complete documented source code so that the customer can create an account to sign in through website or iOS or Android app to book one of the offered services on demand.

The URL will have a web site, App Store, and Play store. This allows the customer to sign in easily creating their profile, fill up payment details and select payment methods, making a request  to use the services that you offer, can chat with the service provider, can make a payment, can view the history of the request and can also raise a complain.

The Script for the person providing service would have the complete documented source code so that he can create an account and sign in as a service provider offering one of your services.

The URL will have a web site, App store, and a Play store. This allows them to sign in creating their profile and fill up their payment receiving details via payment methods which have been approved by you, and start using the services that you offer. They can chat with one of the customers, go to their location and provide services to them and get paid for it, can accept or reject the request based on their availability and can also raise a complain.

The script for you as admin would include a complete documented source code to have the most features, a powerful admin panel so that you can have full control over the business from the comforts of your living room.

The URL will have a website where you would sign in and fill up your profile and add different moderators, you can edit, add and remove users and service provider and can even approve and disapprove a service provider, in order to make sure the service provider shows up when the customer is looking for their type of services. You control the right to enable and disable a method of payment weather, it’s PayPal, credit card or cash on hand, you can add your commission to all the services order payment received, you can also review the history of services and respond to the complains and that too from any part of the world.

The way the global economy is running with a fast pace, everyone must have an alternative plan or a way of earning. The Uber app clone script can help you set up your own Uber, like on demand service business and have a backup plan for your finances with a onetime investment for life time. The best part is that you can operate from any part of the world and do business anywhere. The entire installation and set up takes just a maximum of three days.  The customized product gives you the advantage of altering the settings as per your business requirement and have your on branding done with your logo.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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