10 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android and iOS

Video sharing is also in its trend apart from sharing photos and GIFs. As we all know that there are many Android and iOS Smartphone’s available in the market which is capable to shoot high pixels resolution videos. These videos occupy a large amount of space in your Smartphone and when you want to share videos then you face troubles because of the limit. If you want to share videos through WhatsApp or Gmail then you may face issues because of the large size of videos. It takes a lot of time to send. WhatsApp allows you to send the video whose size is up to 16 MB max and for Gmail; the size is up to 25 MB max. The video which is above from the given sizes will not send through WhatsApp or Gmail. This is why you need to compress the video file first so that the size of the videos will get decreases.

There are many video compressor apps available in the market through which you can compress your file but some apps work well while some are not. If you are also facing this type of issue while sending video files then it is my personal recommendation to take help from any of the third-party apps. We already tested many applications and after testing, we found the 10 best video compressor apps which support on Android and iOS through which you can easily compress the videos without getting any type of loss in quality.

10 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android and iOS

We have divided best video compressor apps in 2 part – Video Compressor Apps for Android and Video Compressor Apps for iOS. So, you can easily choose your desired app from the list of best video compressor apps for Android and iOS.

5 Best Video Compressor Apps for Android

First, we are providing top video compressor apps for Android users. So, Check them below.


VidCompact Video Compressor

VidCompact is a best free video compressor app which is available on Google Play Store. It is built by the peoples who built VideoShow video editor app which is downloaded by the 100 million peoples all around the world because of its amazing features like compressing videos, trimming videos, etc.

After installing the app, when you want to compress the video then just follow some simple steps. When you open the VidCompact app then you will see the option of Trim and Compress. Tab on it and select the video file which you want to compress. After that, select the resolution according to your need. At the time of compressing the video, you can also select the method of trim the video on-the-fly. The best thing which I liked the most in this app is that there is not so much ad and all the versions are free. This video compressor application supports almost all video and audio formats like HD video, HTML5 video, MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV. It’s not only video compressor but also provides video editing functions like crop, merge, trim, slow motion, cut, reverse video, stabilize, rotation and more. So, Check the app and compress the video.

Video Compress

Video Compress

It is another video compressor which has a very good user interface and easy to use. When you open the app then first, it will show you all the videos present in your folder. Tab on a video to compress. It supports all major video formats. It also allows you to remove the audio to further increase the compression of the video. You can also convert video files to MP3 audio files. Video compress extracts subtitles from the video too. Amazing feature right? And you can crop and rotate the video with its editor. If you want to remove ads then with the help of in-app purchase you can do it. After compression of the video, you can share it directly to Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or can upload it to YouTube. So, If these features you are looking for in video compression app then you should give a try to this app.

Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2

The thing which is different from other apps is the Quick Sharing option. Due to this, you cannot wait for more time to compress the video files. When you open the app then you will first see the compressed videos if you already compressed some videos. You have the option of selecting the quality and resolution of videos. With video dieter 2, you can share your full-length video via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, or any other messenger at a smaller file size. You can trim the unwanted portion of the video with video dieter 2. In addition, you can add music to your videos. Time-lapse and slow-motion mode are other good features of this compressor cum video editor app. So, Try it right now.

Video.Guru – Video Maker

Video Guru Video Maker

The main function of this video compressor app is to support the resolution up to 4K. The app contains many features like you can trim or merge the videos, adjust the speed of the video, adjust colors, etc. With Video Guru, you can easily combine and compress the video without losing the quality. It supports multiple video ratios such as 16:9 for YouTube, 1:1 for Instagram, 3:2 ratio, etc. It is a perfect video maker for YouTube creators who don’t have a PC or Laptop. You can also add stunning movie-style video filters and FX effects to the video. You can share the videos of HD quality on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. So, Install this video maker on your Android device.

Video Compressor by Sunshine

Video Compressor by Sunshine

It is the first multi-video compressor app through which you can compress multiple videos at a single time. You just need to click on the ‘Original file’ after installing and select the multiple video files which you want to compress and it will automatically put in the waiting line. You can compress the files in any of the three options: 480p, 720p, and 1080p. With this video compressor, you can free up to 90% memory. They provide FHD, HD, and SD compression settings. So, Compress your video just like a sandwich with this cool video compressor.

5 Best Video Compressor Apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Now, We are sharing top video compressor apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad). Let’s check in-depth below.

Video Compress – Reduce Movie Size, Shrink Video

Video Compress Reduce Movie Size

Video compress by Zheng Weijie is highest rated video compressor on iTunes. That’s why we are recommending you this on top. Here, you can compress your video very easily and fast. Add your video to the app and specify the target size of your compressed video. That’s it! You can save that shrink video to your device. UI of the app is easy to use. You can export the video in MPEG-4. Fast sharing option is also one of the good features of the Video Compress. So, Download it free from iTunes.

Video Compress – Shrink Vids

Video Compress Shrink Vids

This app lets you compress a single video, multiple videos or entire albums to save storage on your device. You can customize the strength of compression that means resolution and bitrate. The advantage of using this video compression app is it will show you disk space before and after compression of the video. In addition, you can see the preview to check the quality of compressed video. That’s awesome! The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can compress the video in 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p, and 360p presets. Check this free video compressor app on your iOS device.

Video & Photo Compressor Pro

Video & Photo Compressor Pro

Photo Video Compressor will help you to share a large video on any messenger by compressing it to your specified size. You don’t need an Internet connection to compress your video in this app. The app gives you a freedom to choose compression parameters is a good feature. Photo video compressor supports various types of videos and photos like 3GP, FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MXF, JPEG, PNG and many more. Yes, you read it right. You can reduce the size of your photos too with this app. Want to try? The download link is given below.

Smart Video Compressor

Smart Video Compressor

This iOS video compressor lets you save some memory space by making less size video. It reduces over 70% to 80% of the size when compressing the video. Smart video compressor store the compressed videos in the “Compressed Videos“ album and also provide the option to delete original video to save storage space. The app gives you the history of your previously compressed videos. Smart video compressor does not add any watermark on the video. Install this free video compression app on your iPhone or iPad.

Video Compressor & Merger

Video Compressor & Merger

This app reduces the dimensions of your video file so it is easier to share with your friends and family. Video Quality is the main factor which a user does not want to lose after compressing. App decreases the bit rate so you cannot lose the quality of the video. You can crop the video to any resolution is a nice feature of the app. Video merger and compressor support 4K, 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p output video resolution. You can merge up to 6 videos in 1 video and can split one video into 5 to 7 clips. You can also adjust output video’s frame rate to  240/120/60/30 FPS. Download Video Compressor & Merger on your iPhone or iPad.

Wrapping Up

This is all about the best video compressor apps through which you can save your time when you send the video after compression. It uses less data and every app has its own unique features. It is true that you will lose some quality of video but not in the large amount. As we know there are many apps arriving on the Play Store and iTunes Store on a regular basis. So, If you know any other app apart from the above top video compressor apps then you can mention it in our comment section.

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