10 Best Plank Apps for Android & iOS

With sedentary life becoming common and overpowering, people are gradually becoming fitness conscious. Therefore, to remain alert about the routine lifestyle and avoid suffering from any disease, people simply download plank apps in their smartphones. Plank apps can improve your strength by tracking and displaying your daily routine workouts in a digital form.

How can a Plank App help you?

Plank app can provide best of muscle, abs, cardio and butt training so that you remain perfectly shaped. The applications are meant for iOS and Android operating systems for stimulating health concern at the global level. Toning up abdominal muscle is not possible until and unless you have an expert at your disposal. However, with the help of versatile plank applications, you can train yourself with the instructions on your screen.

Plank applications can help you to maintain your fitness at any point of time you want. With a number of exercises portrayed on the screen of your phone, there is no question of suffering from any heartbreaking disease. These plank apps offer several poses and display the workout history in a beautiful colored format.

Best Plank Apps for Android

First, I will let you know top plank apps for Android. I will also give info about all the Plank apps to determine which app is comfortable for you.

Plank Timer

Plank Timer

Plank timer can help you to achieve long term fitness goals. You can easily track weight loss and get in shape without hitting the gym. Created by experts, plank timer can help you to embrace a better lifestyle and unlock route to good health. You can visualize the data through a comprehensive graph and timeline. Also, you can share the progress with your fellow mates and challenge one another to do better. Plank timer is a proven way to work out better and have an Active Lifestyle. The extremely engaging application allows you to get proper coaching for muscle-based exercises. You can allot some time for your workout in between your hectic schedule and enjoy a better with minimal possible efforts. Start now 7 minutes a day it very little investment to your body with the great result.

Plank workout BeStronger

Plank workout BeStronger

Training your abdominal muscle requires expert advice to get versatile results. However, with the help of plank workout be stronger, you can progress better without needing to get in touch with an expert. Rated 4.7 on Google Play Store, this is one of the best plank applications you can download in your phone. Health is one of the most important concerns of the current generation, plank workout be stronger can help you to follow the trend in the best possible way. This cool plank app will give you a notification to workout, history of training, visual timer and you can make custom plank training too.

5 Min Plank Workout Free

5 Min Plank Workout Free

The standalone application provides some of the best training techniques to help you in getting a perfect shape. You can take a look upon a full plank, elbow plank, walking plank and other exercises for helping yourself to become healthy and full of strength by your own. With this Plank App, your dream of making Six Pack Abs can be true. The app will show you when you have to plank exercise and when to rest. So, download this Plank workout app right now.

30 Day Plank Challenge Free

30 Day Plank Challenge Free

Newly released workout application is all about undertaking professional training for 30 days. The tutorial videos can guide you to maintain flat tummy, toned thighs and butt. You can effectively lose weight and concentrate upon those primary workout rules for challenging outcomes. 30 day plank challenge workout is particularly designed by expert gym trainers of the world. The app can help you to become fit within the four walls of their home. As long as you follow training guide, video tutorials, and reminders, your entire body can get an attractive appearance.

Plank Workout


Plank Workout

It is not that easy to maintain a perfect shape of your tummy. Since you have to sit for long hours in the office, your arms, shoulders and other areas can get out of Shape. Resultantly, choose plank workout and help yourself to get back in shape with just a few muscular exercises every day. Plank helps in developing strength in core, shoulders, hands, and glutes. Based on your results, the system will generate a workout plan for you. Install Plank workout to stay fit.

Best Plank Apps for iOS

Now, let’s move forward to know top plank apps for iOS. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, then you need to check out these Plank Workout Apps.

Plank – 30 Days of Challenge

Plank 30 Days of Challenge

This is the most downloaded Plank app of iTunes. You can enjoy your training sessions with HD quality videos and audios. Each training exercise shows you how to workout different muscle groups for maximum results in a minimum amount of time. The main features include a countdown, calendar, weight tracker, workout reminder, etc. Simply join the application through your iPhone and create a gym at your home itself. The iTunes application comes with a charge of $17.99 per year. But it’s worthy. So, Curious to improve your health and fitness? Then download this awesome plank app.

30 Day – Plank Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge

The application provides clear cut guidelines to become slim and get in shape. Honestly, you don’t have to spend hours to get in shape. Just a few exercises after warm up and you are attractive enough. The primary goal of the application is to get you in shape and remove the impact of current lifestyle and eating trends. You get more mindful in getting trained after downloading the fitness application. It provides video and text instruction for plank exercises. The app is suitable for men and women of any age. So, Take 30 day plank challenge and be fit.


30 Days

30Days gives you 30 days of training programmes to follow. You can change the intensity level at any time. They keep adding workouts so that you will get a new workout every time. This is a perfect workout app for women. If you love the workout, nothing apart from this application can help you to train your butt and hip area. The easy to follow instructions shall keep you motivated. Download & install this planking app.

Plank: 30 Days Challenge

Plank 30 Days Challenge

If you just have to get in shape by planking, enjoy the free application on iOS and warm yourself in just 5 minutes. Planking can help you to enhance your endurance and keep you agile even after having the most hectic schedule. You can start with just 20 seconds and in the month you can reach 300 seconds without a break. Plan and set your own record. You can invite your friends to work together on an ideal body. The interface of this app is really good. So, Get set and go.

5 Minute Plank Calisthenics

5 Minute Plank Calisthenics

Your body cannot get in shape if there are just Limited varieties of workouts to do. Until and unless you initiate a variety of exercises, creating an overall impact in your body becomes difficult. Therefore, choose nothing apart from plank variation workout available in iTunes for mastered instructions. They provide 3 day trial to checkout app features. If you like it then you can subscribe to their different plans according to duration.

Wrapping it up

Apart from the above-mentioned plank apps, you can also choose plank applications that help you with cycling workouts. Live streaming apps can help you to get a break from monotonous workout sessions. Furthermore, you can get to enjoy strength training and stretching guidance from the expert fitness Geeks of the world.

Plank based bodyweight exercises particularly focus upon bulky areas such as booty and thighs. Certain basic exercises available on plank application can hasten your muscle recovery and gradually enhance your workout intensity. If you are using any other plank workout application then let us know in the comment section. If your friends are fitness freaks, then share these Plank apps with them.

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