10 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps for Android & iOS

Are you still using a notebook and pen to track your monthly expenses? Yes, It’s good to go with the budget you have and do expense according to that. But this era is new. Now, All things are becoming smart. So, You should also become smart with the new smart world. Do you know that there is plenty of budgeting and finance tools that can help you plan your expenses? These are budget monitoring or tracking apps. You can install them on your mobile devices and allow them to track your expenses.

There are several such personal finance apps on the market; we have reviewed top ten budgeting apps from many of them here. You can make your choice based on what you want to achieve. Read all budget apps description mentioned by us to determine which type of expense tracker app you need.

10 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps

So, We have mentioned top budgeting and personal finance apps for iOS and Android below with a description. Check it one by one.



This app is one hundred percent free. It is compatible with two major operating systems. These are the iOS and Android operating systems. This budgeting app can take a record of amounts in your banks. It does not only track the amount in your bank accounts, it advises you on how much you can spend. You can check your expenses in a real time.

The money tracker app is easy and friendly to use. It can link both your card and bank accounts through a perfect encryption system. The connection is in read-only status. This means that you cannot carry out any transaction with this app. You can read the balances in your accounts. It can arrange your transactions such as bill payments, your subscriptions, and purchases.


Wallet Daily Budget & Profit

This app is not different from others. It is suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. When it comes to features, many users consider this tool the best. It can support different kinds of currency. You can link your bank and card accounts to this daily budget app. This means that you can have a glimpse of financial status at any time.

With this profit tracker app, you can import data manually. Besides, it is easy to label your financial transactions. This makes future references easy. You can easily plan your life, because of the way it will analyze and present your finances.

Though this app is free, if you want to enjoy its advanced features, then you need to subscribe. When you do that, you can enjoy such features like widgets and bank account synchronization and so on.


Honeyfi Couples Finances

If you are looking for a couple finance app that can help you plan your expenses and manage your households, you can opt for this. It makes it easy to set a budget. In addition to that, you can easily synchronize the tool with your bank accounts.

You can view your savings as well as your budget in one place. You can set the app the way that suits you most. It is easy to add comments and create categories. It can actually help you to organize your budget. You can have an insight of your finances.

This couple budgeting app is designed for the household in minds. They can create their budgets and this app makes it easier for them to track that budget. In the end, you are sure you saved something large.


Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

This is another great finance tracker app. It works well with iOS and Android operating systems. The design is unique and this makes it user-friendly. The interface is brightly colored. It is easy to read your accounts very well.

The app is available for free. There is a subscription version of the app. Whether you are using it free or you are paid user, you will like the way the system works. You can categorize the expenses you want to make as well as the receipt. Photoshot of the transactions is also available.

It breaks your expenses into different categories. This means that you can easily determine where you spend your money. It is easier to readjust your budget.



YNAB is a great tool for apple and android operating system users. The app is free but has a subscription also if anyone want to purchase but you do not empty your account to own one. This is a great platform to plan your budget.

You can view it when you like, and you can easily refer to your account. Furthermore, it makes it easy to categorize your budgeting. If you like, you can alter your budget the way that suits you most. This system will help you do that.

Most importantly, you can synchronize this budget app with various other devices. It is user-friendly. The app is compatible with lots of tools. It makes for prudent financial management.

IOU- Debt Manager

IOU Debt Manager

Perhaps the best budgeting tool you can lay your hands on the market today is this app. The app is not free, but it is highly affordable. It can work with your iOS and your android operating systems.

The debt management app can help you determine who owes you money. It can also inform you whom you owe. If you owe other people, this system can assist you to determine the repayment period.

The greatest thing you can like in this app is that you can synchronize it with different devices and apps. This system can help you manage financial and non-financial assets. It is most suitable for debt settlement. You can get details of debts settled with ease.


Expensify Receipts & Expenses

You do not need to spend your account before you can use this tool. Just like others reviewed above, it is suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. The expenses tracker app is the best for analyzing debts and payment reports.

You can operate it manually. Because of that, you can easily import important expenses to the system. The most interesting thing about this system is the smart scan feature. You can use this to photograph your receipt and send it to other electronic devices.


Mvelopes Budgeting App

Mvelopes is another great finance and budgeting tool. The budgeting app is the best for those who want to monitor and track all the daily spending. You can easily determine where your money goes when you use this system.

The system features an enveloping budgeting system. It makes it easy to focus on your daily and weekly expenses. Moreover, you can easily adjust it when it becomes necessary.

It features a universal accounting screen. Here you can view your accounts such as savings, checking, as well as card balances. Most importantly, you can synchronize this app with other devices.

Home Budget with Sync

HomeBudget with Sync

This home budget app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone. The app is suitable for expense management and budgeting. It is great for families that want to check their expenses and set their budgets.

It can actually change your habits as it tracks your expenses. You can determine where to spend your money and where not to spend it. It helps you set your budget and watch the performance of such a budget.


Wally Personal Finance

Wally is another great finance and budgeting app. It is suitable for your Apple operating systems. Most importantly, this app does not cost a dime. This personal finance app is great because it can merge all your financial information in one place. You can be updated on the touch of your smartphone. With this tool, it is easy to track and control your finances.

You can set the app the way that suits you most. For instance, you can preset spending budget, your savings, as well as income. When this is the case, the app will guide you on your daily expenses. It ensures that your account does not read red.

It is easy to set your savings goals and you can take the track of the goals. The budgeting tool helps you to organize your account. It is easy to determine what you spend and whom you spend it.

Summing Up

So, These are some best personal finance apps from where you can easily monitor your expenses as well as your income. It makes it easy to determine your financial position at any time. Besides, you can link your various investments to some of the budgeting apps. It makes it easy to determine your worthiness at any time.

If you are using any other good budgeting apps or personal finance apps then let us know in the comment section. If you like this article then share it with your friends and family.

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