Best Ayurvedic Apps For Android

Ayurvedic is all about the homemade remedies for your health. And these Ayurvedic apps for Android can help you out and teach you the best ayurvedic medicines for all the health issues.

These apps have bought up with new ideas like this app will be very useful and interesting to the people who want to know more about healthy lifestyle, natural facial cosmetics, medicines and spiritual practices. People can learn more by the ayurvedic apps and do their own remedies for their healthy lifestyle

4 Best Ayurvedic Apps

So here I can say few best ayurvedic apps to get good tips for a healthy lifestyle.

1. My Ayurveda

This Ayurveda app is a dictionary for you that explains all the ancient traditional medicine ways. This app is really benefited to the people who are interested in ayurvedic lifestyles like who are interested in ayurvedic beauticians, homemade diets, homemade ayurvedic medicines, yoga. This app explains to you through the demo of ayurvedic remedies.

This app has different streams like health, beauticians and cooking so coming to the health remedies there are few tips and remedies

  • It gives you remedies for cold, fever, headache and minor health issues.
  • It tells you how to increase your immunity
  • It has nutrition remedies.

Coming to the beautician ayurvedic remedies

  • This app can let you know all beauty tips like remedies for facial massages
  • Ayurvedic tips for pedicure and manicure
  • Ayurvedic tips for body care

Then talking about the cooking procedures there are many like

  • Recipes for soups.
  • Recipes for vegetable dishes
  • Recipes for desserts and beverages.

2. Ayurvedic tips and remedies

This is a Hindi website this app has all health remedies which are homemade. It gives you good health tips for all common health issues. This app has 1000+ health remedies with the demo. It gives you health tips for diet also. Following these tips, you can even add up your own identical tips that work and you can post it through the media.

3. Feel yoga Ayurveda

This is the yoga Ayurveda app. This app includes many articles all about practicing yoga and spirituals. This yoga is not for weight loss or exercises and workouts its for spiritual and philosophic yoga routines. This app can be very helpful for the beginners in yoga it gives the tutorials from starting. It practices advanced yoga. The main features of this app are

  • Yoga and the types
  • Types of yoga
  • The history of yoga
  • Yoga lifestyle
  • Yoga positions
  • Ayurvedic guide

4. Ayurvedic treatments

This ayurvedic treatment app is all about Indian medicine. It also gives natural health care and beauty tips. There are even ayurvedic diet tips to maintain good physically. This app has different aspects of teaching in Hindi. It has a corresponding lifestyle. By this app, you can have a reference and practice good ayurvedic treatments at home. It hints you a variety of medicines for different diseases. This app is user-friendly and it is quite interesting which can motivate you well.

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