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7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Many people around the world are fed up with the poor customer service experienced in many businesses. Even though many claims to put the customer first, their action preaches otherwise. They are more interested in making profits and how many social shares their posts get. They get this information by using a Facebook share checker, which you need to get for your business.

However, thanks to social media companies can now offer better and timely services. Businesses have realized the power that social media holds when it comes to customer satisfaction. Social media can either make or break your brand in a matter of seconds. Wise companies can, however, use it for a better brand image by offering prompt customer services.

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Always remember that in social media, the whole world sees your mistakes, which can cause your business to suffer a huge blow. Excellent customer service translates to stronger brand loyalty and increased sales. Through which ways then, can you use social media to improve customer satisfaction?

7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Below we have mentioned 7 ways of social media that can improve customer satisfaction.

Adopt channels dedicated to customer service

It is not enough to offer customer service on your business profile, having a dedicated page for this cements customer satisfaction. In that, they are sure of response once they raise their complaints on this page and also can follow set aside guidelines to get a response quickly. Another benefit is that there is a guarantee of customer privacy as only you and the complaint can access the thread.

Encourage customer engagement

Your comment section should always be abuzz as you engage with your clients. If it is running dry, then you need to encourage them to give you feedback.  Feedback enables you to point out your weak and strong areas. It also helps you in decision making in that; your decisions are geared towards what the customers’ expectations.

How can you encourage consistent engagement? One way is to carry out online surveys. You can get valuable feedback out of this trick. But, many times people are lazy and reluctant to do the surveys. To mitigate these, add some goodies and coupons to your survey. They’ll take up the survey to have a pinch of the goodies.

Use social media for alert purposes

Social media should portray how proactive your business is when it comes to customer satisfaction. Use it to mention out some of the common you might be facing. For example, let them know when your website is down or when some of your contact channels are not working. Give them an action list to show them that you are addressing the issue.

You can also alert them on future promotions. For example, you can list some of the items that will be sold at a discounted price or ways to get discount promotion codes.

Respond in time

Any customer expects a prompt response to their complaints. It is not advisable to wait for days or weeks before reaching out to your customer, it doesn’t cut it. Things can fall apart in a matter of minutes if the complaint is messy, negatively affecting your brand.

Make a point of responding within 24 hours or if possible in a few hours. This way your customers will be satisfied with your promptness to their concerns.

Build a community

You need to invest in your online presence to come up with a loyal community. Let the core basis be on your business philosophy rather than your services and products. You need to humanize your brand in such a way your customers can relate to it on a deeper personal level, increasing engagements amongst all players.

Embrace delegation

You may not have a team dedicated entirely to customer services. On the contrary, you don’t want to send incorrect and inappropriate messages. You can adopt a system whereby you have one or two personnel who can approve any feedback before posting. Also, you can delegate responsibility to a person in each department since complaints can be different. An IT expert can address an IT-related question or complaint same case applies to other departments. Such a system will ensure everybody gets the right response.

Never ignore feedback

Whether good or bad, it is worth the time. Sure positive feedback is easy to handle and reply to, but this alone cannot guarantee full customer satisfaction and business growth. Extended a hand of gratitude to show them that their feedback was worthwhile.

When it comes to negative feedback, tackle it before it gets out of hand. Negative feedback has a way of gaining more attention than positive one. This kind of feedback effortlessly snowballs on the internet. Handle it with due respect trying to understand your customer’s perspective.

Bottom line

To use social media to improve customer satisfaction, let your company seem approachable. Let it have a sense of humor to entertain your clients. Whatever means you can use, implement them. Don’t forget to build meaningful conversations as they help in brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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