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How 3D Pens Are Helpful When Imparting Education

3D pens are gaining acceptance everywhere in the world and more so in classrooms. One can get a decent quality pen and filament for under hundred dollars today and the affordability makes it an ideal instrument to teach others.

There are many advantages to using them in a classroom setting. Here we will extrapolate on those benefits first hand.

3D Pen Creation

3D Pens an Ideal Tool for both Teachers and Students

In teaching, a good teacher is one who’s able to simplify complicated concepts so that children are able to understand what’s being taught.

3d pens are effective illustrators that elaborate on complex concepts that aid classroom teaching. And that applies to a host of subjects like physics, maths, social sciences and history.

Those familiar with glue pens will know how these pens can help them. With glue pens, you’re limited to two dimensions but with 3d pens, you can draw and illustrate in 3 dimensions or planes.

Our world is in 3 dimensions and so illustrating objects and concepts in 3d will gap the bridge between understanding and teaching. Again, not only kids who are aged between 5 to 10 but also teenagers and youngsters will find these pens to be worth learning tools.

Geometrical Modeling becomes easy

Geometry could be easily the toughest or easiest subject for any student. For those who find it tough, the problem often stems from the difficulty is visualizing dry and drab structures. They aren’t able to get a hold on angles and tangents and understanding 3 dimensions with 2-dimensional illustrations are beyond some students.

A teacher can draw different shapes and figures with 3d pens to help them understand.

A teacher can illustrate geometry with 3d pens so that they’re able to draw geometrical shapes in 3d and later progress to 2d. A great deal of complexity is thus reduced.

Helpful for Students Studying Architecture

Architectures have a lot of drawing and modeling to do and most of it is done through bare hands when they’re still learning. A 3d pen can reduce a lot of the complexity associated with modeling with hands and make it a joy to learn.

As part of the curriculum, they are often asked to create or recreate a scaled model of a historical building and 3d pens live up to the task of developing such things with ease.

3D Pens Fuel Art

Art is given wings with the number of creative options now available courtesy of the pen. One can start etching art on wood, paper or plastic or draw over 2d art to create 3d art. Kids are going to love doodling and creating 3d art allowing them to explore yet untouched fringes of creativity.

They can also stand out amongst their peers in the classroom since there are always projects and assignments to be done. No one else would have thought of indulging in the 3d art form for doing their projects and hence it’s a win-win for all.

Use of 3D Pen in Sculpture Making and Fine Art

Fine art and sculpting with plastic is a new avenue afforded by 3d pens. 3d pens are reviving the age-old art form today. Sculpting provides a kind of relief and unleashes creativity welling inside you.

Even otherwise the pens are a great tool to learn art forms like gesture drawing, expressive lines, contour lines and so on.

3D Pen makes Science Education easy

When you’re learning science especially organic chemistry you have to master atomic structure of carbon and hydrogen atoms. They’re beautiful and painstakingly tedious to create. I still remember creating the atomic structure for one atom with steel wires and thermocole beads. It took days. 3d pens make the task less tedious with considerably low time investment. Even other related subjects like biology can be taught in a better way with 3d pens helping teachers draw 3d models and illustrating them to students.


There’s no doubt to the fact that 3d printing technology which is being used in these pens will change the way both students and teachers approach teaching and learning.

Learning is memorable when things are learned with fun. 3d pens add an entirely new dimension to learning and change the way students approach subjects that seem dreadful.

A 3d pen is a minified version of a 3d printer using the same FDM technology, heating elements that heat up filaments and cooling process to stabilize extruded plastic. As such you hold incredible power in your hands.

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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