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7 Must Have Apps For College Students

7 Must Have Apps For College Students

The Pew Research Center states that only 9% of all the Americans do not own any gadget, while 85% of those under the age of 65 own cell phones, 70% of them own a laptop, and 74% have an MP3 player (like an iPod o any other one).

Moreover, another research showed that people use their smartphones at least 120 times a day either to check their social media profile, to send an email, or to text a friend.

Technology is overwhelming the lives of young people these days. It takes their times and changes daily routine. And it is not always a bad thing, as with the development of new tech solutions students can benefit greatly from using certain apps.

We have created a list that, in our opinion, can absolutely revolutionize the day-to-day lives of young people. Wondering what these apps are?

In about a second we will introduce you apps for college students. So, go check them out!

7 Apps That Every College Students Needs

1. Grammarly:


No matter what your major is, writing will accompany your all the way down to your graduation (and even after that). Therefore, you need to find different ways to automate your writing. And one of such ways is to use Grammarly for paper revision.
The app is absolutely fantastic in everything concerning paper revision and proofreading, as it detects possible mistakes, analyzes your writing, and points out places that should be changed for a higher text quality.
With this app, revision of a literature review will be super fast and easy.

2. Dropbox:


Students always have tons of notes to share with their friends, books that have to be stored somewhere, images, copies, textbooks, and recordings that need to be saved somewhere. That is why Dropbox is a must-have for them.
It allows you to upload and save files to which you need access online. You can share these files with your friends by granting them access to it.
The only thing to take into consideration is that to use this app, you need an Internet connection. It won’t work otherwise. But other than that, it is a great app that helps your store important material without losing them.

3. Evernote:


This app allows you to take custom notes and save them across the devices. You can not only type in information, but also attach images, sound recordings, take screenshots, and to-do-lists all in one place.
Then the app automatically sync all the data across your devices so you can access them whenever you need.
Evernote can keep you organized and make the studying process so much easier for you, so download it today!

4. SelfControl:


If you know that getting distracted is one of the things you are inclined to, then SelfControl is a perfect app for you.
The app blocks access to different sites for a certain time and help you stay focused on work instead of jumping from an activity to an activity.
You can specify what time the website will be blocked at, but you won’t be able to unblock it before then. So, be careful with what you say.

5. Viber:


Communication has never been easier. Viber is that bridge you need to stay in touch with your friends at all times. You can text them, send them files and images, take photos, call and even make video calls.
And these things are possible via one app. You will good Internet connection to do all this, but that should not be a problem on campus.

6. Remember The Milk:

Remember The Milk

To keep you organized, Remember The Milk guys have developed an amazing application that allows you to create lists of things you need to do, get reminded about those plans, integrate the app with other apps, organize your daily routine and set deadlines for each task.
You will be surprised with how much you can do when your plans are well-structured and organized. So, get it today!

7. PocketGuard:


Finally, an application to help you control your finances. Developers of the PocketGuard promise that you will become a much more organized with their help. You get to see how much money you have at your disposal, what your income is and how much you spend on different things.
The app allows you to categorize things to see where you spend the most and how exactly you can optimize your expenses.

Student life will become a much easier thing if you download these apps and let them help you make the most out of the time and resources you have as a student. So, stop wasting your precious time and get these must have student apps to structure and organize your day-to-day tasks for you.

Besides, If you have some other apps every student should take advantage of, do not hesitate to share with us. We are all ears!

Article written by Rachit Mangi

Hey, fellas! This is Rachit Mangi, co-founder and administrator of Tricks N Tech. He is a Computer Engineer by degree and a passionate blogger by heart. He likes to code sometimes. He is fond of watching movies and cricket. He loves to travel to new places.

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