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How To Download Videos from Vidmate

The world was introduced to Smartphone’s almost a decade ago and since then the technology has never looked back. The era of the 90s is finished we no longer carry big stereos on our shoulders or big walkman on our pockets Smartphone has replaced almost every gadget in these few years, We humans strive for entrainment all thanks to the entrainment industry which is full filling our needs whenever we are bored with our usual schedule we prefer watching a movie, Tv show or sometimes we just listen to the song from our favorite artists but for that we have to depend upon the internet. To stream the content online, to watch YouTube videos, to listen to the song by your favorite artist.

Vidmate is a smartly built application which decreases your total dependency on the internet, with vidmate you can download YouTube videos when you have an active internet connection and can later watch it whenever you want. With vidmate, you can access other multimedia showcasing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Daikymovies, SoundCloud, Tumblr etc.

There are many more applications which provides you the facility to download YouTube videos such as Snaptube, tubemate, YT3 YouTube Downloader, Tubex, Instubeetc but none of them has more features than Vidmate.

Till now Vidmate is the most downloaded, YouTube Video Downloader for Android and the user base is increasing day by day. One of the main reasons behind such a large user base is the features and functionalities that it provides and the no security issue of the application.

Why choose vidmate only to download videos from YouTube?

To a user, the question may arise why to download videos from Vidmate when there are so many more similar applications such as Snaptube, Videoder, Tubemate, Keepvid, InsTube and lot more. The answer to this is very simple and predictable, No other applications in the segment provide as many features as Vidmate serves to its users Whether it be the excellent built quality, server load optimization, low internet optimization, user-friendly interface, multiple downloading features or anything.

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With vidmate, you can overcome almost all the feature most of the Downloader are lacking. This doesn’t just stop here although the main feature of the application is to let the user download YouTube videos in multiple file formats, in good Quality and comparatively faster than other applications it also has to the feature to access most of the social media websites and applications to retrieve content.

Vidmate is not just any YouTube video Downloader it’s a complete entrainment package ideal for people from every age group. Most of the people nowadays prefer to download music in mp3 format directly from YouTube instead of purchasing it from iTunes, Spotify or any other musical app. The main reason behind it is that the quality of the mp3 files remains unchanged, the bass of the music is original and you can actually feel the real beats as in a studio session.

Since most of the YouTube video downloader is not Google play store authorized applications. A user may experience security issues regarding their personal data, their passwords and also the login credentials most of the applications silently creates a database of your personal data but the Vidmate assures you that your data is not stored from their end. The official and website claim that the application has a high build quality which is Ad free, bug-free and totally safe to use.  Vidmate is one of the applications that the user can trust

Today we are going to let you know the step by which one can download any YouTube video from Vidmate. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download videos from YouTube using Vidmate.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos from Vidmate

  • Download and install Vidmate on your android device. Since Vidmate is not Available on google play store you can use any open application market to install it.
  • After the successful installation, open the application when you open it you’ll see the YouTube icon. Now click on the YouTube icon it will access the YouTube from the Vidmate app.
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Vidmate YouTube Video

  • Click on the search bar and search for desired music video, movie or show.
  • After selecting your favorite video, show or movie just tap on the video. You’ll see a button circular in shape and a red arrow pointing down inside it, that circular button is the download button of the video.

Download Videos Through Vidmate

  • Tap on Download button and it will open the selection table where you can select the file format and resolution of the video.
  • As soon as you’ll click on the download it will start downloading it from youtube you can even preview the video by clicking on the play button on the selection table.

Vidmate YouTube Video Download

  • In the download section of the app is divided into different sections such as Downloading, Downloaded, Files. The file with ongoing going download will be categorized under downloading and the completely downloaded files under downloaded.
  • The user can select the storage path for the video by default the video will be stored in the internal memory of your device.
  • That’s it! You have successfully downloaded YouTube video from vidmate app. Enjoy watching it whenever you want and share it with your friends over Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, etc.

Vidmate has a large user base in the global market, people from all around the globe prefer vidmate to download videos from YouTube instead of using the YouTube off-line feature.

If you find the article helpful then share it with your friends. So, That they can also download youtube video from vidmate easily. If you have any query then comment down below.

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