Hack Cyberoam

Hack Cyberoam Using TOR Browser

Cyberoam is basically made up of  8 layer hardware firewall, it offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network and web applications and user based identity and security. Thus the firewall is highly secured. Now we will see how we can hack that 8 layer security ?.. As i have mentioned above that main working and blocking of any website or application by cyberoam is basically done at deep  inspection , now here the flaw in any security firewall lies, also in case of cyberoam and websense too. They block all websites by  their content and if their content contains any restricted keywords then they restrict those websites. They also use category blocking which also works on similar concept. The flaw is with websites that uses SSL feature, the websites which contains SSL lock i.e. the websites that uses https are not blocked by cyberoam. They have to block these websites manually which is a verytough task and believe me nobody can block them. in this article, i have shared the ways that allows you to hack cyberoam and access the various blocked sites from your personal computer.

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So the proxy websites that uses http’s i.e. SSL proxies are also not blocked by these websites. Only those proxies are blocked which are known or being highly used. But the tool that i give you create SSL proxies by itself that means its proxies are not blocked. Sometime use of applications like Private Tunnel can also by pass blocked Websites.


1. TOR browser (  web browser like Mozilla which has inbuilt proxy finder that over comes the websites easily that are being blocked by cyberoam ).
2. A USB or pendrive ( where you will keep the portable version of  “TOR” browser)
3. If USB drives are ‘disabled‘ we will use different drive for its installation. (also portable version of TOR can be executed from any place).

Steps to Hack Cyberoam

1. Download the TOR web browser. To download TOR browser

2. Now install the TOR web browser. In case of portable version it will extract. For Installation and usage Instructions visit here.

3. Now open the TOR browser and start surfing your favorite website like Facebook, orkut, Gmail ..everything at you office…..


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